Priest's visit to Nudist Colony
Posted by Sarath Jayasinghe on 2/24/2005

One day a young lad invted a catholic priest to visit a nudist colony. The priest refused to do that and asked the lad how the hell am I going to a place like that. The man said that we have to go inside in nude. He suggested to the priest that he carries his hat along with him so that he could cover his private parts. The priest agreed and entered the colony.

As he started walking through the place there were some nice nude girls on the left side of the lane who greeted him Good morning Father. He held his hat with right hand and waived at them with his left hand.. He continued with his walk and did the same thing to the girls on the right hand side while holding the hat this time with lright hand.

As the crowd was increasing and the number of nice girls were admired by the priest, at one point there were girls on both sides of the alley. When greeted by the beauties on both sides he was compelled to wave at them with both hands. To everyones surprise the hat was intact and did not fall.

Guess how""""""""" It was hanging from his????????

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