Assortment of Jokes
Posted by Senevi on 12/01/2004


Q: Why is Newfea's car has wind shield wipers inside?
A: Because when he dreives he mutters his lips with,"BRRERREEE....." sound.


Q: Why does Newfea wanted to marry an African Woman?
A: Because he wanted to give her children Chocalte Milk.


90 year old depressed lady visited her Doctor and asked, "Where is the heart located?" The Dr. replied, "Right under the breast". The next day she shot her knee!


For her birthday the husband presented the wife a typewriter. Few days later the wife while typing mentioned to the husband, that the period doesnt seems to appear. So the husband returned the typewriter to the shop that he bought , complaining that his wife mentioned that the period doesn't seem to appear.


Good remedy for over-weight is See- food. See food on your plate.


At the office Christmas party the CEO asked the Gen. Manager, "Do you speak to the wife after sex?"
"Certainly, if I can find a phone!" was his reply.


Girl very much in love asked the boyfriend, if they get engaged, whether he would give her a ring.
"How can I ? I do not know your phone number!" was his reply.


Q: Why is Santa Claus has no children.
A: Because he only comes ones a year.


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