Wedi kolla (Sinhala Joke)
Posted by lakshan kannangara on July 01, 2004 at 22:35:44

one day a minister and his guards went to a wedi gammanaya in election days.ministers idea was to get some more votes to his he politely talked with the weddas.he went from house to house and sat down with other weddas,had lunch with them etc. to show his love and affection towards the wedi people.

Finally he called all the wedi people to gather around him.Then he started his speech. "Our government has done so many things for the good of this wedi people. We will give you electricity and tap water as soon as we come in to the power. We are hoping to take you all out this woods. we will make your lives much more easier. Vote for me in this election. I am looking forward to serve you. Before i leave does any one have any thing to say?? Or any one has any questions?..please ask.."

After a short pause a wedi kollek came in front towards the minister...he was scratching his head and saying....

" Apita Deck pojjak thibbanam BLUE pojjak balanda thibba"

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