The spider
Posted by Asoka Wijesekara on July 01, 2004 at 22:32:24

One unemployed man travelled whole day in the city seeking suitable employement without sucess.Finally he got in to a small hotel to drink some thing though he didnot have enough money.

While he was waiting to order something he saw another customer who was sitting opposite to him,reading news paper without paying attension to the soup bowl which he ordered. Since he did not have money,poor chap suddenly decided to take the soup and drink. Since the soup was cold he could drink it very fast untill he saw a dead spider in the bottom of the soup bowl.

Soon he started to vomit what he drank back into the soup bowl.
This time the man who ordered the soup moved the news paper and looked at the person with simpathy and very calmly said,
"I did the same thing (vomitting) half and hour ago"

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