Pagnasena (Sinhalese Joke)
Posted by Gamini OV on June 04, 2004 at 18:51:51

There is a sinhala letter 'gna' as pronounce in 'Kompagna Veediya'. No match in English and try to pronounce 'gna' as you pronounce the sinhalese letter in the eary school days.

Banada was a very innocent policeman and because of his character he was always assigned to do the road patrol duties in the night shift arround the Pettah vegetable market. He always feel sleepy as there is no activity in the market in his duty hours.

One day early morning he saw a bicycle approching him with few boxes in the back and he thought of stopping this man at least to keep his mood.

Navathapan. Umba koheda yanne me ude pandara?
Sir. Mama elovolu tikak geniyanava.
Boru kiyanna epa Banda ralahamita. Mata umba visvasa neha.
Kiyapan umbe nama.
Mage nama 'Pagnasena'
Banda took his patrol duty book and trying to write the name. Tried many times but not that easy for him.
Umbata vena namak nedda.
Ne ralahami.
Hari Adata palayan. heta ehema enna epa.
Banda went to the barrak and learned how to write Pagnasena thinking that it may help him one daY.
Next day he was on duty in the same place and he saw the same cyclist approaching him in the same way.
Banda knows that there will be no problem today with this man.
Navathapan. Pagnasena stopped the cycle.
Banda proudly took his patrol book and pen.
Kiyapan Nama. Ada umbata yanna denne neha.
"Pagnasena". Ralahami.
bohoma hondai. Ethakota Wasagama?
"Agna Kondagnage".

Banda is in trouble again.
Adata umba palayan. Heta nam mama umbawa remand karanawa.
Banda spent the whole day learning how to write Agna Kondagnage.
Next day again the same story. Banda got angry when he saw Pagnasena for the third day. But what to do. He thought I will teach him alesson today.

Navathapan. Pagnasena stopped.
Nama? Pagnasena ralahami.
Wasagama? Agna Kondagnage.
Hondai. Padinchiya?
"Kompagna Veediya".
Banda back in trouble.
Mawa kanna aapu ekek. Palayan Perethaya. Banda chased him out.
He spent another day without sleeping and learned to write the word. Next he went on duty very happily.

However early in the morning he saw Pagnasena coming again towards him. But he is very confident about his language skills and shouted at the man with loud commanding voice.
Navathapan yako.
Ada umba evarai. Hire thamai navathinne.
Ikmanata kiyapan. Mata rajakari thiyenava.
Nama? Pagnasena.
Wasagama? Agna Kondange
Padinchiya? Kompagna Veediya
Rassawa? "Spagnayata Pipigna Petaweema".

Banda went to the station and resigned from the service.

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