Generous husband
Posted by A Guy on June 04, 2004 at 18:32:48

One day, a man walks into the bar and drinks till he got very high. At that time, the phone rings and he picks it up. On the other side, she says "I am your wife speaking".
man : Oh hi honey
woman : I just came for shopping. I saw this beautiful necklace, which is $2000. Is it ok, if I buy it.
man : Sure, go ahead and get it.
woman : What about matching dress?
man : get it.
woman : I am thinking of buying a car. Is it ok, if I go ahead and get a BMW?
man : That's a beautiful car. I think, you should get that car to suit your lifestyle.
woman : The real estate agent called me about the house we saw yesterday. He says, it is $500,000. I asked him for $450,000. He said, that they won't come down.
man : It is worth only 450,000. Do you really like that house?
woman: Yes, I do.
man : It is ok. Buy that. Give my check.
woman : Thank darling. come home soon. don't drink a lot.
man : Sure. I will see you soon. Be ready for a hot sex.
woman : Sure

phone is disconnected. the drunkard man goes "Whose phone is this anyway?"

(if you didn't get the joke, it is not his phone and the woman wasn't his wife. she thought, he was her husband)

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