Posted by Ranjan Weerasinghe on June 04, 2004 at 18:29:17

Q: What's the difference between cricketers and condoms?
A: Cricketers drop the catches and condoms catches the drops.

Q: What is the difference between riding a bicycle and a woman?
A: Riding a bicycle you fix your ass & move your legs, riding a woman you fix your legs & move your ass.

Q: What makes a happy man?
A: Daughter is on the cover of Vogue, son on the cover of Sports llustrated, mistress on the cover of Playboy and wife on the cover of Missing persons.

Q: What three things are common between the sun and woman's underwear?
A: Both are hot, both look better while going down and both dissappear at night.

Q: Why do men ask for a woman's hand in marriage?
A: Because they are tired of using their own.

Q: What's common between men and video?
A: Both go backward... forward... backward...forward... backward....forward... stop and eject.

Q: What is the closest thing similar to a woman's period?
A: Your salary, it comes once a month lasts about 5-7 days and if it doesn't come means you are in big trouble

Q: What goes in dry, comes out wet, and gives warm satisfaction?
A: A teabag.

Q: 7 qualities to be a perfect wife:
A: Beautiful, Responsible, Energetic, Adorable, Sweet, Truthful and Self-Organised.In short, she must have good B.R.E.A.S.T.S

Q: Who is a gynecologist ?
A: He is the only fool on the earth who looks for problems in a place,where most people find pleasure.

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