Dear Son
Posted by Naushad Ahmad on June 04, 2004 at 18:27:14

A very slim man was taking a walk in footpath. Suddenly a Luxury car came to him and a very beautiful lady opened the door of her car and asked him to come with her. For a while he was just astonished but seeing her beauty he couldnt refuse the propsal and went with her.

On the way he was thinking that she is taking me her home and perhaps she would offer me for HOT sex. luckey i m today....."he was just prefiguring"......

When car reached her home then she said him to come out from car and took him to her bedroom.

Her bedroom was really very decorated with modern amenities. She said him nothing but offered a glass of milk and some dry fruits, now he was fully assured that she would definetey like to hav sex with me.....he again sibilated and thought "how luckey i m".

After some time the lady again came back to room and said him to strip his clothes off. Now he was very fast to do this kinda thing...he started being nude, while he was just going to take his underwear off, Lady said "STOP".....

He called his SON "RAHUL"......RAHUL..RAHUL....plz come here...

As RAHUL come to her room....she told his son "My dear SON..if u dont drink milk , u will be weaken like this UNCLE".

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