Sri Lankan "Kossas"
Posted by Dharmaguna Seneviratne on May 06, 192004 at 16:54:17

This is an abridged version of Sri Lankan Kossas (Constabulary Service). Two Constables were sent on "Beat Duty". Their job was not to direct traffic, but "hang around" main juctions - just in case. One knew a little English while the other was from a Vernacular School. (Then contemptuous terms were used to describe "local Folks" by the Administrators). They did walk up and down the junction for it was impossible, naturally to stand in one place.

Their only duty of recognition was to catch school boys who broke the law - by riding with pillion riders; without lights; without brakes; without licences, & C. In order to catch the school boys they decided to hide themselves in a "By-Lane" so as to jump on to the road as the convoy approached. Usually, there were a minimum of three Cyclists.

There came the Convoy of Cyclists - with pillion riders one of whom had two more, one on the bar and the other standing on the Luggage carrier. The two Kossas sprang on them like Lions but with much chagrin.

The Constable who knew a little English barked at the poor school-boys and said : no nooooooooooo..two double OK, but three double no no no and further said "One time told - two time told animal also asking - why not man ? " The other two cyclists hooked while these three were taken into Police custody and later produced before the Principal of the respective School.