Have a drink (Sinhala)
Posted by Shana.J on April 24, 192004 at 07:51:09

One day in a bus halt any where in Borella, two people had this dilog between Alcohol seller and a customer.

1st - Hay i need some thing hot...

2nd - Well, ok i have three different kinds...

1st - What? let me know those are?

2nd - 1 "Ballanta Gaha nawaa"

2 "Deiyanta gaha nawaa"

3 "Waththata gaha nawaa"

1st - What? what r those please explain,i am in hurry...

2nd - Well !
first is Gall Arak.

second is Pol Arak.

and third one is Katu kambi (Kasip pooo)
those are my secret words.. what u need bro....?