A tea shop
Posted by Ananda on March 18, 192004 at 07:47:49

It was a summer day in Sweden. I went in to a indien teashop to drink some thing. A waiter came and asked:

Waiter: What would you like to have fruit juice, soda, tea, chocolate, milo or coffee?

Answer: Tea please

Waiter : Ceylone tea, herbal tea, bush tea, hony tea, ice tea or green tea?

Answer: Ceylone tea.

Waiter : How would you like it? black or white?

Answer: White.

Waiter: Milk, whitener or condensed milk?

Answer: with milk.

Waiter: Goat milk, camel milk or cow milk.

Answer: with cow milk please.

Waiter: Milk from freezeland cow or Afrikaner cow?

Answer: I will take it black.

Waiter : Whould you like it with sweetener, sugar or hony?

Answer: With sugar.

Waiter: Beet sugar or cane sugar?

Answer: Cane sugar.

Waiter: White , brown or yellow sugar?

Answer: m..mmm..I forget about tea just give me a glass of water insted.

Waiter: Mineral water or still water?

Answer: Mineral water.

Waiter: Flavoured or non- flavoured?

Answer: I give up, just forget everything.

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