An Intelligent Kid
Posted by Jayantha K Rajakaruna on November 02, 192003 at 12:09:06

A couple had a little boy around five years. One day the couple wanted to cheat the boy and send him away from the room. So the father told the kid, "Son, I got to do something important with mum. Can you go to the balcony and wait until we call you? Then he agreed with that. “Good boy, you can shout about the things you see from the balcony. Ok?" Father adds up.

So the kid was standing in the balcony and starts the shouting. "There goes the milk man" "There goes the postman" “That car is going fast”. Even dad gave him feedback. "good son keep on going".

Then the kid suddenly shouted, "Oh! Next door aunty and uncle are having Sex". The father got a shock hearing this and he ran to the balcony and shouted at the kid "What? What? Can you see Mr & Mrs Fernando having sex from here?"

Then the Kid replied, "No I can't see them, but also their son is counting vehicles in the balcony ".

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