The yearís best (actual) Headlines of 2002
Posted by Anon on April 09, 192003 at 17:28:54

The yearís best (actual) Headlines of 2002

* Crack found on governorís daughter

* Something went wrong in jet crash, expert says

* Police begin campaign to run down jaywalkers

* Iraqi head seeks arms

* Is there a ring of debris around Uranus?

* Prostitutes appeal to Pope

* Panda mating fails; Veterinarian, takes over

* Teacher strikes idle kids

* Miners refuse to work after death

* Juvenile court to try shooting defendant

* War dims hope for peace

* If strike isnít settled quickly, it may last awhile

* Cold wave linked to temperatures

* Enfield (London) couple slain; Police suspect homicide

* Red tape holds up new bridges

* Man struck by lighting faces battery charge

* New study of obesity looks for larger test group

* Astronaut takes blame for gas in spacecraft

* Kids make nutrious snacks

* Chef throws his heart into helping feed needy

* Local high school dropouts cut in half

* Hospitals are sued by 7 foot doctors

* Typhoon rips through cemetery; hundreds dead

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