How he learnt English
Posted by Anon on March 08, 192003 at 18:56:35

This is a true story.

Some decades ago, there was a student at a University, who was selected to a scholarship in abroad.

After he went abroad his teacher who is a professor also went to that foreign university for some purpose, spent the night at the same hostel as that student stayed.

At night that professor heard/saw, that student speaking with the Sudda who is his room mate, unseasily even using hands & legs as in antint times before languages created.

Professor called that student who is a Dr., now lecturing at that same University in Sri Lanka,"this is a very good chance for you to make-up your english speech, talk more with this Sudda & enhance the ability or else your Master degree is valueless" That guy said "yes". Professor went to his country after his work.

After some time professor went there again & saw that guy coming far away speaking fluently with that Sudda. Professor thought that "now my boy is ok with English".

But when they come closer he found that, it is Sudda that speaking Singhala fluently. (that boy now a aged man still cant manage English well)

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