Rabbit & Carrot
Posted by Anon on March 08, 192003 at 18:53:50

Once a rabbit came to the town & went to a Hard-ware shop & asked the shopkeeper "is there any carrot here?"

The shopkeeper thought "or... poor rabbit may hungry" & told "dear, this is a hard-ware shop, no carrot here, if u want carrot go & ask that corner shop which sells vegetable"

Rabbit went off.

Next day rabbit came again & asked "is there any carrot here?"

Shopkeeper was a little angry but thought rabbit might forgotten the previous day & replied "I told u once, this is a hard-ware shop & no carrot here?"

Rabbit went off murmuring to itself.

Again rabbit came to the same place next day & asked "is there any carrot here"

The shopkeeper got wild badly & screamed at the rabbit "u fucking rabbit, how many times I have told u no. if u ask again I fuck u & hang u by neck, on this beam, with a rope !!!!!"

Rabbit went off quickly into the bushes.

In the very next day rabbit came again & asked peacefully "is there any ropes here?"

shopkeeper looked at rabbit, told "no this is a hard-ware shop, we dont sell ropes"

Then rabbit shouted happily "Bingo..... then is there any carrot?"

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