Posted by Ranjan Weerasinghe on 1/15/2003

On the Kurunegala main road there appeared an advertisement from the leading condom producers, on the importance of safe sex and the dangers of many a fatal illness which could result in carefree sex.

A smart guy walking on the road was much taken up by the advertisement and painted the following slogan in double meaning, big as ever.....

M A K U W O T H H I R A Y !!! ( turn it around )

The newly married native doctor moved into his new house soon after his honeymoon and fixed a newly painted board with his name and title, though he was still on matrimonial leave. The board read thus :


A adventourous guy in the area knowing the doctor who had a late marriage and was still on leave, simply added an

HU in front of the title KALA NIDHI..... !!!

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