Santa & Banta 2
Posted by Ranjan Weerasinghe on 12/17/2002

Parking fine!

Banta was in court charged with parking his car in a restricted area. The judge asked him, if he had anything to say in his defence. "They should not put up such misleading notices," said Banta. "It said, FINE FOR PARKING HERE."


Sun Downer

Santa: "Yaar, where does the Sun go at night?"
Banta "It does not go anywhere. It remains there but due to darkness we cannot see it."


Skipping medicine!

Santa went to a doctor to get some medicine, as he was not feeling well. "This is pretty strong stuff," said the doctor, "So take some first day, then skip a day, take some again and then skip another day and so on."

A few months after the doctor met Sardarji’s wife and asked how he was. "Oh, he is in a coma," she told him. "So the medicine I prescribed to him did him no good?" asked the doctor.
"Oh, the medicine was all right," she replied. "It was all that skipping that has almost killed him."


Learning by correspondence

In Canada Santa earned enough money to buy himself a brand new car. He drove out of the sales depot with an L-plate on the car. As the car zig-zagged down the main highway, a traffic cop picked him up, "Why are you going from one side of the road to the other?" he demanded.
"I am learning how to drive," replied Santa
"You have to have a driving teacher beside you. May I see your licence?"
Santa pulled out an envelope from his pocket and replied, "Here, I am learning driving by correspondence."

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