Santa & Banta 3
Posted by Ranjan Weerasinghe on 12/17/2002

Santa and Banta are employed in a computer hardware store as movers. One day both of them are asked to move some computers. Santa being energetic that day does not feel the computer to be heavy at all. At the same time he sees that Banta is struggling very hard to lift his computer.

At this Santa says, "What Banta, my computer has 500 MB Hard Disk yours has just 250, even then you cannot lift it?" At this Banta thinks for a while and replies "That is right, but my HD is full and yours is empty"


Banta finished his English exam and came out. His friends asked him how did he do his exam. For that he replied "Exam was okay, but for the past tense of THINK, I thought, thought, thought ... and at last I wrote THUNK !!!"


Santa and Banta wanted to go for camping. They attached the trailer to the Car. Santa wanted to make sure that the car is in good condition before they start. So, he asked Banta to go in front of the car to check the headlights. Santa switched the headlights on. Banta told "Yeah! It is working!"

Then Santa switched on the High beam. Banta told "Yeah! It is working! Santa asked Banta to go to the rear side of the car to check the brake lights. Santa slammed on the brake and Banta yelled "Yeah! It is working!

Santa wanted to check the Left indicator. He put the left indicator.

Then Banta started "It is working! ooops! It is not working... It is working! ooops... It is not working! ...


Santa is Flying from Moscow to Delhi. To his surprise, sitting right beside him is Gary Kasporov, the world Chess Champion.
Santa has always been in awe of Chess players, and immediately starts up a conversation with Gary about the Nuances of the Game etc. Gary says ... "How would You like to Play me for $500 US"?
Santa: "But you are too damn good".
Gary: "I will play left handed".
Santa can not resist the bet and accepts.

Kasparov, Check Mates our Santa in 8 Moves ....... Santa is still scratching his head, as he leaves the airplane. Upon Reaching Amritsar, Santa tells Banta about the game he had with Kasparov.

Banta: "Tu bhi pura buddhu hai Santa". (You are an absolute fool Santa)
Santa: "kyon" (why)?
Banta: "Abe khote....... Gary Kasparov Khabbu hai". (You donkey, Gary Kasparov is a lefty, no wonder he beat you left handed).

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