Rubber Gloves
Posted by kevin on November 13, 192002 at 18:15:04

There once was a lady whose tooth was hurting, so she went to the dentist. He called her into his office; but as he put on his gloves, he could tell she was getting nervous. To calm her down, he asked, "Do you know how they make rubber gloves?"

"No," the lady admitted.

He said, "What you do is, you stick your hands in a big bowl of rubber and take them out again. Then you stick them up in the air and let them dry. When they finish drying, you pull off a pair of rubber gloves."

The lady didn't say a word for several moments, then started to giggle. "What's so funny?" the dentist asked.

The lady laughed and said, "I bet I know how they make condoms!"

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