How many ticks
Posted by shion on November 03, 192002 at 19:27:41

The teacher asked amda: class ... pls write me an essay on ticks

amda new so much about ticks

ticks have eight legs , ticks live on dogs, ticks are black, ticls are insects.......

the next day

class pls write about coconut tree

amda replies

"amda didn't know much about coconut trees"

amda: coconut trees grow on land. dogs come and rub against coconut trees. dogs have ticks. ticks have eight legs, ticks live on dogs, ticks are black.....

the following day...

teacher: children p-lease write an essay on cats.

amda didnt know about cats.

amda: cats have four legs. dogs chases cats. dogs have ticks. tick have eight legs, ticks live on dogs, ticks are black.....

everything turns out an essay on ticks.

so the teacher thought hard.

something that cannot turn up an essay on ticks.

the teacher thought for an hour and she came up with the idea to for an essay on fish.

no way is this going to lead to an essay on ticks she thought.

the following day:

teacher: children i want you to write me an essay on fish.

amda thought for a while.

he only knew about ticks.

amda: fish live in water. they would die without water. they dont have ticks. but just in case they did..... they live on dogs, they have eight legs, they are black.....

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