Growing wild
Posted by Ranjan Weerasinghe on 11/02/2002

A young man stood in front of the mirror admiring his well-built and tanned body, when he realised that his PENIS was the only part of his body not tanned, hence determined to get his PENIS tanned, he ran to the beach again.

Once on the beach, he buried himself except his PENIS, which he left poking out of the sand.

Strolling down the beach were two old ladies. They came across the PENIS poking out of the sand. One old lady using her cane, knocked it from side to side saying, "There is no justice in the world today."

"What do you mean" asked the other.

"Look when I was 20, I was curious about it,
When I was 30 I enjoyed it,
When I was 40 I asked for it,
When I was 50 I had to pay for it,
When I was 60 I prayed for it,
When I was 70 I forgot about it,
Now that I am 80, the bloody things are growing wild
and I am too old to SQUAT"

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