Hot Day in Summer
Posted by Arjuna on 10/31/2002

body: Three of the Backstreet Boys were going on a picnic in a summer day in a Nice Mini Van.

After few hours they reached there destination point, middle of the desert, in Arizona, USA.

The First guy got off of the Van. Opened the back, took out an umbrella and went to top of a sand dune.

Few seconds later second guy comes with a bottle of water and asked the First guy, “Why you have an umbrella with you?”

He replied, “If it gets hot and sunny I’ll Open it up.” Same time he asked the second guy why did he has a bottle of water with him.

The first guy said, “It will help me to prevent dehydrating myself if it gets too hot”.

They wondering why didn’t the Third Guy come yet. Few minutes later the Third guy comes with the Front Door of the Mini Van.

First and second guy stared at him for a second and asked, “Why the hell… did you bring the Door of the Van?”

The Third replied, “Idiots! This is summer. I brought the door because if it gets too hot I could put the window down.”

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