Posted by Ranjan Weerasinghe on 10/22/2002

At a world conference, during liesure time the world leaders met in the SAUNA.

Amoung them were John Major of Britain Bill Clinton from the
USA & Premadasa from Sri Lanka.

Suddenly there was a ring tone - John Major raised his hand to his ears and started talking - later said that he has a cell phone embeded in his palm.

Few minutes later - there was a BEEP - Bill Clinton stood up - pressed his thigh and said - I have a pager in my thigh.

WOW - Premadasa was totally confused about the HI TECH. He thought for awhile and proceeded to the washroom.

He appeared with a piece of toilet paper jutting out of his BUTT CRACK - the other leaders started to chuckle and pointed out the toilet paper.

Premadasa calm as ever proceeded to his seat - and informed the gathering - dont get excited I am getting a FAX msg.

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