Any African passengers?
Posted by ANTON PERERA on October 22, 192002 at 17:21:08

In an airplane the captain told the passengers: "This
is your Captain speaking. We are losing height and we
do not have fuel enough for reaching land. Therefore,
we have to let all baggage leave the airplane."

The airplane got height again. Half an hour later the
airplane lost height again and the captain were on the
loudspeakers once more: "This is your captain
speaking. We are still loosing height, and we can not
reach land without having some passengers to leave the
plane. It is a bad situation but we will do this in an
honest and democratic way - we will use the alphabet -
starting with A. Are there any African passengers?" No
one answered.

Are there any Black passengers?" Still no one
answered. Are there any Coloured passengers?" Still no
one answered but back in the airplane a little boy
asked his father: "Dad, you have always told me to be

We are both from Africa and have black coloured skin."
"Yes, my son. That is right. But today we are Niggers"

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