Brian and Brad
Posted by Jay on October 21, 192002 at 19:09:40

Brian and Brad are co-workers. Brian comes to work on Monday with a black eye.

Brad: What happened man?

Brian: You won't believe that this happened in church last Sunday.

Brad: How come that happened in church?

Brian: I sat in the church right behind this beautiful lady with a slinky pinky dress. When she stood up one time, her dress got stuck in her butt and it was pretty unpleasant. So, as a gentleman's gesture, I pulled it out the slowest I could hoping she wouldn't feel it. She turned around and hit me the hardest she could.

Brad: Man, that's the stupidest thing to do. You are an idiot.

Brian: I know man.

Next Monday, Brian comes again with a red eye.

Brad: What happened this time?

Brian: You wouldn't believe that this happened again in church.

Brad: Ok.. Go ahead.

Brian: I sat at my usual place, but the same woman came and sat in front of me with a similar dress. When she stood up, the same thing happened again to her dress. I didn't do anything, but the guy next to me pulled it out this time. Since I knew she was not going to like it, I put it back in.

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