Zodiac Dating Game
Posted by samantha on 10/17/2002

Aries Male
Are you in love with an Aries man?
You`ve got quite a macho man on your
hands! Ruled by Mars, the hot, red,
active planet, the Aries man is known
as the "warrior." Fearless and brave,
active and entrepreneurial, he is
eager for new experiences. Your man is
never ever boring!

Your Challenge
To get his attention away from his
constant business wheelings and
dealings, and to cater to his
substantial physical needs.

How To Handle Him

If this is your first date with an
Aries, choose something daring to do.
Aries, the lover of risk and
adventure, is apt to enjoy activities
with you that could include hang
gliding, bungee jumping or car racing.
The Aries man`s credo is he`ll try
anything once. Use this to turn his
mind away from everyday business
matters and focus on you.

Being such a testosterone-charged and
masculine sign, Aries needs a regular,
highly active sex life. He is apt to
be aggressive and spontaneous, and
this is one man who likes to take the
lead. At the same time, the Aries man
is highly protective of his lover,
being quite willing to fight
(literally or figuratively) for her,
and this is a big part of his appeal.
Be gentle with this ego, though. If
you`re not "in the mood" he might take
the slightest rejection quite hard.

Aries likes a challenge, so you could
tease him a bit when he starts getting
bossy, keeping what he wants out of
reach until the end of the pursuit. If
trying to win an argument, the smart
partner of an Aries man will subtly
convince him that her ideas are really
his ideas. Some Aries men have a
roving eye, which is not an attractive
quality, so to keep him playing in his
own back yard, keep your body sleek,
your lingerie sexy (a few skimpy
pieces in his favorite color, red,
would be a good idea) and the lights
low (candlelight is perfect--Aries
rules fire). Most of all, keep him
guessing because he loves the thrill
of the chase.

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy

Want to surprise him? Cook him a spicy
dinner, perhaps something Tex
Mex--or--just tease him by putting a
jalapeno pepper in your mouth and dare
him to bite it gently (a la 9 1/2
Weeks). Then alternate sweet flavors
with spicy (Aries rules spicy
flavors). That`s a way to get his

In terms of gifts, the Aries man likes
an experience rather than something
tangible. You might buy tickets to a
boxing match or an exciting basketball
game where he can get all worked up
and scream his lungs out--all the
better to get his lusty self in bed
later that evening.

Aries Female

Love an Aries woman? She`s modern all
the way, full of spunk and drive. You
will likely find her running her own
business, or heading up a division in
her company, for Aries is the sign
that rules entrepreneurial ventures.
She is a woman of strength, has
well-formed and intelligent opinions,
and part of her charm is that she is
so thoroughly independent and
self-reliant. Aries is a fire sign
and therefore quite imaginative, born
to lead rather than to follow.

Your Challenge

To keep up with her, you`ve got to
think of some original things to do
together--the "same old, same old"
will never rate with her.

How To Handle Her

In bed, the Aries woman will often
enjoy initiating the lovemaking, much
to your delight. Allow her that
pleasure and enjoy the fireworks.
Sexually, she will be creative and
even humorous, and her sense of
adventure will lead her to try many

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy

Take her to an amusement park and try
out the fastest, scariest rides
together--she`ll be all the more
passionate later. If you are giving
her perfume, choose a fragrance that
has depth and character--it could
have a hint of spice or be a new,
modern blen d. (One thing is certain,
your grandmother`s sweet rose or lily
of the valley just isn`t her style).
Another idea would be to give her a
gift certificate for a new hairstyle
by a famous hairdresser she`s read
about in her favorite fashion
magazine. A fine imported hairbrush
would be a good gift idea too. Aries
rules the head, and a bad hair day is
no joke for our girl. Having her hair
just right gives her increased self
confidence, and by giving her a chic
new look, she`s apt to be delighted.
Be prepared for her open
demonstrations of her love for you!
If you would rather choose something
for her that is a bit more sexy, get
her a short satin wrap robe with
matching demi-bra and tiny thong
panties, in her favorite color,
bright red.

An Aries girl loves uniforms, so let
her see you in your Navy dress whites
the next time you call on her. If you
don`t have an "Officer and an
Gentleman" uniform around, any other
uniform will do. Do you have a friend
who is a UPS or FedEx delivery man? Y
ou are in luck--borrow his uniform
and pretend to be a delivery man.
This will really ring her bell! Take
note all "suits": every Aries woman
looks forward to those sexy,
well-muscled UPS guys, even when
they`re dumping more work for them to
do on the counter! Your working-class
stud attire could be a

If you want to be late for work and
get the bathroom all steamy, try
this: when you`re shaving one
morning, stand at the sink completely
nude, with the water running, and
your face all lathered up with
shaving cream. As you shave, be
completely oblivious to her staring
at you and just talk naturally with
her about everyday matters--the more
mundane the better. For example, ask,
"Shall I pick up the Dijon mustard
after I get the stuff from the dry
cleaner?" Shave your face slowly--and
wait for her reaction . Aries rules
sharp instruments, so watching you
wield your razor in such a masterful
fashion will send her temperature
rising--and could be start the start
of a wonderful day for you!

Taurus Male

The Taurus man loves creature
comforts. He is sensuous, tactile,
giving, practical and stable. When a
Taurus man falls in love it is
forever, because Taurus guys aren`t
wanderers. One of the sexiest
characteristics of a Taurus man is
his wonderfully sexy, deep voice.
Taurus rules the throat, and many
Taurus are well known singers.

Your Challenge

ITaurus men often settle into ruts
and aren`t known to be too flexible.
You`ll want to coax him into trying
sharing new experiences and
considering your point of view at
decision-making time. Some Tauruses
can be very jealous of anyone else
you may be dating, so you`ll have to
keep an eye out for that too.

How To Handle Him

IWhen this man says, "Be mine!" he
means it quite literally, for this is
a possessive sign. While this may
seem charming on the outset, it can
get a bit annoying. Deal with this by
being a little flirtatious around
other guys, but not to the extent
that he thinks you would really dump
him for someone else. Just tease him
a little and reassure him that he is
your number one man, and his passion
will burn even brighter for you.
Feeling secure is important to
Taurus, and most of their decisions
are based upon how he can increase
this feeling. Taurus likes routine
(hard to believe anyone does, but it
is true.) While he is not a sign
known for flexibility, his
steadfastness and reliability will
more than compensate, and you will
find it comforting. So, don`t expect
your Taurus lover to understand when
plans change at the last minute. He
has difficulty turning on a dime and
this is something you will simply
have to accept. And if you want to
have any influence his thinking, be
sure to get your ideas across in
early during his long decision-making
process, before he becomes "set."
Taurus can be quite stubborn!

Taurus Female

The Taurus woman is feminine, soft
and highly diplomatic. She has a
lyrical speaking voice that soothes
and comforts you, and she could even
have a talented singing voice
(Barbara Streisand is a Taurus).
Ruled by Venus, Taurus is a sign
which adores the arts--from music to
painting--and will enthusiastically
go to any cultural event her lover
suggests. In lovemaking, the Taurus
woman is passionate and deeply
tender. She may not be as sexually
experimental as the other signs, but
her fidelity and strong sense of
ethics will impress you. Her bed will
be the pinnacle of comfort, with
piles of pillows and a fluffy
comforter. There might be fresh
flowers in her bedroom, or she might
have a glass wall overlooking a lush
garden. She will make her environment
so inviting you won`t want to leave,
for Taurus adores comfort.

Your Challenge

Your Taurus woman will need to see
tangible evidence of your love for
her--and that means gifts. There is
no getting around this and you may
have to save up to afford her! She is
one of the most loving and
affectionate of all signs, certainly
one of the most sensuous, and quite a
catch. But first, this lady will want
to know that you have a nest egg.
Delay popping the question until you
can show her your substantial stash
of Treasury bills, a solid investment
in mutual funds, an impressive stock
portfolio and, of course, cash in the
bank. Being a earth sign, having some
real estate wouldn`t hurt either--it
is something which would impress her
deeply. (I never said your courtship
was going to be easy, did I?)

How To Handle Her

Assure her of your reliability and
your stability--traits she values in
a person. Being flaky is the surest
way to turn her off. She is slow but
sure in matters of the heart, so
don`t rush her. Treat her well and
she`ll be yours for a long, long

Things To Do, Gifts Buy

Always keep in mind that she is ruled
by Venus, the planet of decorative
arts. Start by sending her flowers.
Be prepared to plunk down major money
for a large bouquet of rare blooms.
Don`t try to get away with something
cheap and small--you`ll loose points.
Original flowers to try would be
white and purple lilacs, which are as
fragrant as they are beautiful, and
send them to her in an expensive
crystal vase. (A Taurus knows quality
when she sees it, and she adores
objects of beauty. Every time she
uses the vase you gave her, she will
think of you.)

Another clever tactic would be to
find out the name of her favorite
scent. Most Taurus women have an
entire arsenal of perfumes, one to
suit every mood, and she uses her
stash to seduce her chosen male with
skill and subtlety. Taurus rules the
throat, so a choker of pearls or
other stones would go over well too.
Princess Di has popularized the
choker. This was not surprising since
she had Venus in Taurus. This sign
likes almost any kind of gem, as long
as it is precious and refined, so
certainly there must be something
that strikes your eye at the
jeweler`s. If you can`t afford to get
her jewelry, then try for a fine silk
or cashmere scarf. She is prone to
sore throats and you`ll want to be
sure she stays cozy warm in the

Finally, the influence of Venus gives
the Taurus woman a rounded
silhouette, perfect "material" for a
WonderBra. If you know her well, by
all means buy her a selection of this
type of bra in various pretty colors,
then talk her into giving you a
fashion s how. Since the media keeps
telling women who have curves (as
most Taurus women do) that they are
less-than-ideal, you`ll need to
counteract that notion. Keep
reassuring her that you adore her
real-woman curves and that the waif
look was never one that turned you

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy

ITaurus men love the arts, so a
Saturday spent poking through art
galleries in Soho with a grand dinner
at a fine restaurant later would be a
perfect day. (Taurus can quite a
gourmet, so make the restaurant
special.) Taurus is a sensuous and
cultured sign, so everything you do
should be carefully and subtly
orchestrated for the ultimate

IWhen making love, remember to
stimulate all his senses. Start by
surprising him with some special
imported dark or white
chocolate--Taurus men adore
chocolate!--to nibble while consuming
their other favorite treat, superb
champagne. Other things to have on
hand include: dozens of votive
candles, a short, silk charmeuse slip
for you in a maddeningly flattering
color, such as a pale peach (wear
nothing underneath), a jar of warm,
satiny cream to rub his shoulders and
chest with (the areas Taurus men have
the most tension), and his favorite
CDs on the stereo. (Surprise him with
one or two new titles, too.) Wrap up
a new designer men`s cologne and tuck
it under his pillow--tell him how
much this scent turned you on while
you were in Saks Fifth Avenue and how
it made you ache to be with him. Now,
your seduction is all set. Happily,
Taurus men don`t like to rush
anything they do, so you`re assured
that he is yours for that evening!
Lucky girl, Taurus is one sign that
thoroughly enjoys languorous

Gemini Male

Your Gemini man is full of wit and
charm, and often the center of
attention, as he delights everyone with
a new joke he just heard or a story
about what happened to him at work.
Since Gemini rules Hermes, the
messenger of the Gods, Gemini men are
often writers or reporters. They are
brilliant communicators, and can talk
their way into any opportunity or out
of any tight spot.

Your Challenge

This guy likes to keep up-to-date on
things, so you`ll have to get his head
out of The New York Times and all his
other daily doses of news. Nobody reads
as many current periodicals as a
Gemini! His coffee table probably looks
like a newsstand. When he gets done
reading, he is likely to be switching
on the TV news. You will have to do
something with this news junkie or
he`ll stay wrapped up in current
events. The key is to convince him that
you are the most interesting event in
his life!

How To Handle Him

First of all, be one of his best news
sources. Before you meet up with him,
call him with something you just heard
on Reuters. Leave a voice mail on his
office phone with a late-breaking
story, or fax over clippings from a
newspaper on a topic that interests him
greatly. That will get his initial
attention and you`ll be able to move on
to more intimate matters.

Keep in mind that Gemini needs constant
variety and change; the more surprising
and spontaneous you are, the more he
will love you. Never reveal everything
about yourself to a Gemini, for once
they get the idea there is nothing new
to discover, they will be tempted to
look elsewhere. Gemini men have a deep
need to try and figure you out, so keep
him guessing!

Be verbal in bed during lovemaking.
This will really turn him on. Don`t be
shy! Gemini is a highly-intelligent
sign, stimulated by both exciting talk
and the written word, and appealing to
his mind and imagination will keep your
sex life lively. Try reading passages
from a sexy novel. (Make sure the novel
has some literary value--if it is too
trashy, he will wonder about your
educational level, another important
aspect to smart Gemini). Also, try
leaving love notes in his suit pockets,
his briefcase or anywhere he might
casually come across them. Few signs
appreciate the now-dead art of writing
love letters more than a Gemini.

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy

Treat your Gemini man to a massage with
a subtly-fragranced oil to reduce his
nervous tension. He is ruled by
Mercury, the planet controlling the
entire nervous system, and his nerves
get jangled easily. Pay particular
attention to his hands, for they are
susceptible to stress (probably because
he is at the keyboard so much). Geminis
always appear to be far younger than
their years and have great charisma. To
best bring out this boyish charm, flirt
with him. (Gemini is the best flirt of
the zodiac and he will flirt right
back.) Step up your witty game of
verbal Ping-Pong, if you`re ready for
wildfire. No doubt he will be sitting
at his computer while you talk with
him, for Gemini always does two things
at once. As he sits there, intently
pounding out his great American novel,
seduce him while he is working. Slowly
unbutton his shirt as you stand behind
his chair and rub his chest. Soon he
will be putty in your hands.

Gemini is symbolized by the twins
flying through the air, and your Gemini
man is happiest when flying to some
distant city. Surprise him with tickets
for two to a far-away island. Then, use
the fact that he`s an air sign to your
advantage: seduce him on the flight
(the rest room might be small but
useful here). He`ll be in his element
and more in "in the mood" than anywhere

Do Geminis stray? Only if they get
bored. What you need to do is to keep
them excited and mentally engaged in
you. Therefore, here is the ultimate
gift for communication-oriented Gemini:
Give him a year of internet access
along with at least one sexy e-mail
message from you per week! What better
way for him to stay focused on you?

Gemini Female

The Gemini woman is full of enthusiasm.
A vivacious, shining beauty, she can
talk about a wide variety of subjects,
and she is curious about everything.
Don`t advise a Gemini woman that she
would be better off doing one thing at a
time, for she needs variety and pursues
a multitude of interests. She is
actually at her best when swamped with
things to do! Gemini is an ace
communicator too, particularly adept at
sharing her emotions and thoughts. (Take
away her dial tone and it is like taking
away oxygen.) She doesn`t go for a man
who crowds her or who limits her space.
Gemini is symbolized by the twins flying
through the air, and to set limits on a
Gemini is like trapping a lovely bird in
a small cage.

Your Challenge

This is a busy woman with endless lists
of things to accomplish. She does have a
tendency to be a bit forgetful too. But
who wouldn`t, with her lifestyle? She
does more in a week than most of us
accomplish in a month! You will need to
remain Priority One with her, a hard
task, when you`re competing with all her
activities, friends and admirers.

How To Handle Her

Read up on current issues, whether it is
art, technology, movies, or
books--anything interesting you that is
topical. Then suggest to her that you
and she check out a show or meet in a
late night coffee shop to discuss the
issues. Gemini adores a lively debate
(she was probably captain of her
debating team in college). Browse with
her in a good bookstore, one that plays
music to encourage lingering. (Gemini
rules the printed words, thus, she is
happy in book shops.) Or, if she has a
new laptop, offer to help her set up her
system folder. (She has the brains to do
it, but prefers to do things like that à
deux for the company.) Suggest you go
window shopping for a new fax machine
one night after work, so that she can
choose the best one when she`s ready.
Convince her to let you assess the
various local cellular phone carriers to
choose the best deal for her, then meet
to discuss your findings. As you see all
these things are communication-oriented,
and believe it or not, as dorky as these
things seem, they will really turn her
on. She will love you for your
thoughtfulness. Trust me on this.

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy

Buy her a cellular phone or a beeper
with voice mail messaging, with pre-paid
service for a year so you can call her
up and leave sexy messages. Or give her
an all-expense-paid-trip for two (with
you!) to an inland hideaway. (Be sure
there are cultural activities and night
life available--remember, Gemini needs
lots of stimulation). No money? Then fax
her a naughty love note if her machine
is private or else FedEx her an
overnight letter filled with pink and
red rose petals--she will be thrilled by
your creativity.

In bed, whisper words and little stories
you`ve imagined or read. She is the most
verbal of all the signs, and her strong
intellect and rich imagination is your
surest way to passionate love. Read
portions of steamy novels too while in
bed, and don`t be afraid to laugh or
have fun with her when making love. She
is one of the most spontaneous of all
the signs. Since Gemini is the sign
which rules versatility, she will
appreciate your reading up on different
lovemaking positions--and she`ll be
willing to try almost anything at least
once. One more hint: she is very verbal,
and therefore highly oral. Enough said?
You lucky dude, you.

Cancer Male

A family man at heart, your Cancer loves
children, roots, and sees home as a
haven. When traveling he is prone to get
homesick, even in this day and age. A
water sign, Cancer is highly emotional
and sympathetic. He can be moody. The
changing moods of Cancers are one of
their greatest charms, and as mutable as
the natural landscape. If is raining, you
still know the sun will be out soon.
Although they are worriers, they have
kind and giving temperaments. Cancers
also have excellent memories, so anything
special that you do for him won`t be

Your Challenge

If he is divorced with children, you may
have to work hard to be as important to
him as his kids. To Cancer, blood is
thicker than water, and you may not have
first place in the pecking order. If you
are married to a Cancer, he can easily
get caught up with family and chores and
forget that he is a red-blooded male with
sexual needs. It is hard for him to
remember romance when he is up on the
roof, hammering shingles, so it`s up to
you to proposition your handyman with an
alternative, naughty use for his duct

How To Handle Him

If he is a single dad, see the sexy side
of his role as father. Knowing what he`s
like when he interacts with his kids
heightens, by contrast, the intimacy he
shares with you.

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy

Cancer is the only sign that will
customarily make a trip to the grocery
store to get ready for a big date (even
if you are married, you can still have a
"big date"). You`ll find him filling up
his cart with exotic fruits (mangoes,
strawberries) and at the dairy case
(whipped cream), among other areas.
Making love in the kitchen always ignites
his deepest fantasies, so by all means
surrender amid the salad makings. He may
want to cook and eat together first. As
one Cancer man who is very dear to me has
whispered more than once: "Cooking isn`t
about cooking--it`s pure sex!" And the
person who said "The way to a man`s heart
is through his stomach" was obviously
referring to a Cancer.

Spilling wine over your breasts and
letting him watch as you slowly lick it
off will excite him, something which
could occur around dessert. Cancer rules
the breasts (every astrological sign
rules a different part of the body), so
don`t wear your high-necked blouse on the
night you want to start a private little
nuclear reaction. This is man who admires
some cleavage and will make you glad you
have décolletage to display!

If you want to present him a token of
your love, frame a new black & white
portrait of you in a pure silver frame
for his desk. (Cancer rules silver--plus
memories and loved ones are also under
this sign`s domain.)

One Last Idea

If you want some private time with your
Cancer man outside of home, seduce him
near water (Cancer is a water sign),
perhaps on a deserted beach or on a
private yacht. Just about every Cancer I
have known needs to be near water to feel
completely relaxed and ready for love.
Kidnap your beloved and whisk him off to
the shore, and be sure to pack a basket
of goodies and don your little red riding
hood cape--with little or nothing on

Cancer Female

With her soft translucent skin and lovely
shoulders, your Cancer lover makes a
knockout entrance to any club wearing her
sleek, décolletage slip dress, as only a
Cancer lady could carry off. But in case
you think you can easily date this
beauty, be forewarned that she is no
pushover. The Cancer woman is careful
about who she gives her heart to, because
once she commits, she gives her all. Your
lunar lady is truly feminine, and lucky
for you, of all the signs, Cancer is the
most nurturing and protective of those
close to her.

Your Challenge

Her ruler, the moon, rules the changing
emotions--so she can be a moody person.
This may make it hard to figure out how
she feels about you in the early days of
your relationship, because at times your
stock will appear to rise and fall. If
you marry her, this will not be a problem
for she will be very loyal to you, and
often put your interests ahead of hers.
Your lunar goddess takes responsibility
seriously. If she is a single mother, her
children will come first, and you may
have to wait in line. Yet it is this side
of her--her mothering instincts--that you
probably find so appealing in her.

How To Handle Her

Nothing comes before her spouse and her
children in a Cancer woman`s life and
thus, she often she forgets her own
needs. Here is where you can lavish
attention on her. She is a bit of a
worrier, and will often second-guess
herself about decisions she has made.
Reassure her that her judgment is sound,
and help her focus more on the future,
less on the past. (Cancer rules
tradition, and this why she is so
marvelous about creating a warm and
loving family life--she knows she is
building memories!) Holidays and
birthdays are important to her, so don`t
put her down for wanting to make them
special. Instead, support her.

If she seems down and suddenly you find
yourself on the outs with her, talk
gently with her to get back into her good
graces. Harsh tactics would be the wrong
approach to take with her. Keep your
temper under control and don`t be
demanding. Her gentle feelings
over-respond to criticism and in the heat
of argument you could say something which
could crush her irreparably. Cancers have
excellent memories and she will remember
everything you said, unfortunately
whether you meant it or not.

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy

The Cancer woman`s home is her nest and
is highly important to her. Offer to
paint her living room or to give her a
hand moving furniture around if she wants
a new look. If she is divorced with kids,
take everyone on an outing (she will be
thunderstruck that you are attentive of
her children, and love you for the
gesture). Later, help her locate a
baby-sitter and take her to a small and
cozy family-run restaurant where the food
is delicious and the lights are low.
(Cancers are not comfortable in large,
high-key, fancy places. She wants to
focus on you, not the surroundings.) If
your table has a view overlooking water,
so much the better, for water rejuvenates
Cancer in a way that other signs simply
can`t fathom.

The Cancer woman will enjoy reminiscing,
so think about recreating the first time
you made love together, perhaps by going
back to the same place or by celebrating
the anniversary. Or, give her a beautiful
album filled with snapshots of the two of
you that you`ve been collecting.

When making love, the Cancer woman is
fragile and feminine. Because she often
puts others first, a little pampering
would be a smart idea. To seduce her
properly, whip up a surprise gourmet
dinner and serve it to her on a small

table decorated with flowers and white
table linens set up in the bedroom, a
place she isn`t used to eating. Have
chocolate-covered strawberries for
dessert and feed her each by hand, one by
one. Hide a love note or special card
under her plate--Cancers are sentimental.
Be especially careful about what you say
to her during lovemaking, for anything
she construes as negative could hurt her
deeply---teasing is not for her.

Give her an exquisite strand of pearls
(Cancer is a crab, a little sea creature
like the pearl oyster) or a skimpy,
slinky, expensive nightgown in one of her
moon colors--silver, creamy white or
pale, smoky blue. She would also adore
flowers--but instead of sending her red
or pink roses, make your bouquet a
variety of flowers in Cancer`s
color--snow white--tied with a gorgeous
thick white satin ribbon.

You`ll eventually discover (if she likes
you) that she has beautiful, firm,
fully-rounded breasts (the part of the
body the sign rules) which, in bed, she
adores having her man fondle and admire.
Paint them with thousands of kisses and
caress them gently.

Leo Male

Ruled by the Sun, giver of life and
strength, the Leo man is gregarious and
warm-hearted. He is impossible not to
notice. His powerful masculinity and
commanding presence will be felt
immediately, and his sense of showmanship
and drama make him sexy and charismatic.
He may work in the arts (especially the
theater), or do some sort of creative
work. He will probably head up a division
of a company, if not the entire
corporation. Leo men are leaders, not

Your Challenge

Leos are a bit self-absorbed and their
egos are huge. Yet they are so
warmhearted and loving that these faults
will look trivial in the grand overview.
He is jealous and possessive, especially
in the courting stage, so you will need
to find ways to derail his wrath if you
plan to date others simultaneously. One
thing that Leo doesn`t entertain, is the
possibility of being Number Two. He`d
rather walk.

How To Handle Him

Gaining the admiration and respect of
others is the single most important
aspect of the Leo personality for you to
keep in mind. This is their driving
force, winning out over money, fame and
just about anything else. Another aspect
of their nature is their love of children
and their intolerance of criticism about
them from others. Say something
detracting about a Leo`s child and you
will get a glimpse of the mighty lion`s
temper. If he runs low on cash, he won`t
accept a loan from you, so don`t be
bewildered or get hurt feelings, if this
happens. Leo prides himself in being

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy

Since Leo likes the best of everything,
have some cold champagne (with a good
label) on ice nearby, some lightly
toasted bread and a tiny jar of imported
caviar on a silver tray with your best
china and crystal. Your Leo lover likes
luxury. Your bedding should be new and
fresh -- never threadbare. Leo also
appreciates flowers, but since he puts a
premium on uniqueness, make them exotic
or don`t bother.

Leos have a strong sense of drama and
presentation, so if you go to a
restaurant, choose one which is hotly
reviewed, frequented by beautiful people
and offers four-star quality. (This is
going to be hard on your wallet, I know!)
Start the evening off by complementing
him on something he did recently or how
great he looks. Be sure you look great
too--Leo wants someone fabulous on his
arm. (You`ll rarely hear a Leo scold his
lady for spending too much on herself.)
Don`t bring up other beaux or talk about
those of your past. Your lion is ruled by
the Sun and wants to be the center of
your universe. He won`t tolerate
competition--present, past or future!

This sign rules teaching, and no other
sign can quite match Leo`s ability here.
Use this talent by begging him to show
you new things to do together in bed. He
likes to be in charge anyway, and this
will only enhance his natural
inclination. When you become intimately
involved with him you will find the Leo
male needs a great deal of attention and
adoration. An exciting and accomplished
lover, he will expect you to spend a
considerable time on him. Yet his
loyalty, devotion and extreme generosity
to you will win you over, and soon you`ll
find yourself looking for ways to satisfy
his every need.

Give your Sun-ruled lover a gold pocket
watch or sophisticated gold lighter,
since Leo rules gold. Or, since this sign
rules theater, tickets to the best
Broadway show in town, or to the opera.
He loves to dress in black tie (he is the
ultimate sophisticate), so give him a
good reason to dress up.

Since music is a high priority on his
list, check out which new CD titles he
would most like to own, but get him
Ravel`s Bolero too, if he doesn`t have
it. This is perfect for Leo because of
the dramatic, throbbing beat. Later that
night, show him what Bolero was made for:
you, after your slow flamenco-styled
strip-tease tango.

Leo Female

A Leo woman is easy to spot. She`s the
one lighting up the room in her
spectacular designer outfit--Leo women
love to make an entrance. Her taste is
superb and unfailing. Like chic French
women (France is ruled by Leo), a lioness
would rather have one dazzling outfit
than 20 cheap ones. She has a deep and
abiding need for respect from others and
will work hard to being noticed and
remembered. She is naturally
extravagant--don`t even try to tell her
she spends too much on clothes (or on her
kids either, who she loves to pamper).
Yet she is warm, spontaneous and creative
too, and you are sure to have fun with
this vivacious lioness.

Your Challenge

In a nutshell, your challenge will be to
afford this jewel of a woman. Her taste
is superb and she won`t settle for second
best (which she translates as second
rate). She will be demanding, so be
prepared to lavish lots of attention on
her instead of being preoccupied with
your spreadsheets or waxing your car. If
you are serious about her, bite the
bullet and get some personal help. You
will need to maximize your efficiency at
home and the office to devote time to
your lioness--at least until you win her

How To Handle Her

In all probability she will be handling
you, not the other way around! Leo women
have a way of being in control, even if
they let you think that is not the case.
She`s subtle, but strong. She resists any
kind of confinement, so don`t try to box
her in. Throughout courtship, the Leo
woman loves to tease her man, often
playing cat-and-mouse games until you
"catch" her. When wed, she will do
anything in her power to keep things
lively and fun, and will build up an
entire wardrobe of imported lingerie to
keep her man interested. The Leo woman
loves to have her lover run his fingers
through her mane. She will rarely go to
bed without a touch of makeup, even if
it`s just a hint of blush or scented body
creme. To increase her passion, whisper
to her, "You are the most beautiful woman
in the world!" . . . and mean it.

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy

This is one lady you are going to have to
woo with gifts. She expects them, wants
them, and enjoys them, so you might as
well cave in and buy them for her. She
looks stunning and regal in purple, so
choose something in that color, whether
it be a lace teddy, bra and panty set or
drop-dead, killer nightie. She will also
sparkle in gold--try getting her a classy
knit sweater shot through with golden
threads that shimmer in the evening
light, then take her to a four star
restaurant for dinner so she can wear it.
Surprise her with an overnight stay at a
rustic hotel with ornate wooden
architecture and antique furniture. Make
sure to reserve a room with a roaring
fireplace. Or send her two dozen
long-stemmed roses (don`t even THINK of
trying to get away with one dozen), a
generous box of imported bittersweet
chocolates or a bottle of fine champagne
for you both to drink later. Buy her
tickets to the opera in New York or Rome
(orchestra seats, of course.) If buying
her a ring or other jewelry, know that
she adores sapphires, the gem ruling her
sign. Start saving now! It`s true, loving
a Leo can be a second career in itself.
But she`ll adore you for your generosity
and will insure you both will have a hell
of a lot of fun. So what if the American
Express bill is gigantic? Yours will be a
life fully enjoyed and a love like no
other you could imagine.

Your lioness likes to play games. So, try
a serious game of strip poker. Or, if you
know each other very well, do a variation
on the movie Indecent Proposal. Remember
when Demi Moore had to decide whether to
take the cool million and bed Robert
Redford or stay loyal to Woody Harrelson
and give up their dream house? Near the
end of the film there is a scene where
she and Woody make love on a bed of
hundred dollar (or higher) bills. In your
own private remake, you are the
millionaire, but you don`t have to share
her with anyone. For fun, strew her bed
with lots of crisp, new crumpled dollar
bills (if it`s ones, not fifties or
hundreds, who cares?). Leo women have
fertile imaginations and a fabulous sense
of drama. She`ll adore your little
make-believe and beg you to think of

Virgo Male

Your Virgo man is modest, meticulous and
discriminating. He is a joy to live with
as long as you understand the Virgo man`s
obsessive need to be productive on a
daily basis. He is practical, patient and
is able to handle detail, and the amount
of details he handles would drive others
up the wall. The Virgo`s talent is
knowing how to make dreams (their own and
those of others) a reality.

Your Challenge

Virgos are worriers, so your first step
will be to calm him down when you have
time alone together. Often workaholics,
your Virgo will have a hard time
detaching from his everyday schedule. But
you must, for they are incredibly
passionate lovers once his total
attention has been turned to you.

How To Handle Him

He`s productivity oriented, so "goofing
off" might be a foreign idea and too
scary for him at the onset. Since Virgo
is wonderful at fixing things--his sharp
mind hungers for things to take apart and
figure out--so ask him to help you out.
Tell him that you are hopeless with home
repairs and he has got to come over and
take a look at your air conditioner. His
small motor skills are the finest in the
zodiac, so many Virgos like to putter
around the house, looking for little
projects. Puttering takes their minds off
more stressful issues.

Remind him how turned-on you were when
you saw him wearing worn jeans and a
plaid lumberjack shirt, jump-starting his
car. Tell him you fantasize about him
walking around your apartment measuring
walls for shelving, just wearing his tool
belt. (This kind of flattery will
accomplish two things: you will have a
hot, passionate lover ready to ravish you
and no more leaky faucets.) Cruise around
Home Depot, just to get him in the mood.
Then, one afternoon when he is putting in
a new set of florescent lights over your
kitchen counter, pounce on him and tell
him you are getting hot watching him
screw those huge bulbs in. Make love to
him right then and there.

Virgo Female

The quality people notice first about
your Virgo beloved is her alertness and
unmistakable intelligence. It has been
said that Virgo`s gift is making order
out of chaos. Send a Virgo into a
hurricane-ravaged town, and in no time
they`ve pitched the tents, organized the
shipments of food and water, and started
clearing the roadways. If it is one thing
Virgo does well, it`s organize people and
things. If your life is a bit of a
hurricane, you`re in luck, for she will
provide a willing ear and heaps of
amazing practical advice-- ideas you will
wish you had thought of long ago.

Your Challenge

Virgo women have lists of things to do,
and sometimes you could wind up being one
more item on her list. Becoming "Priority
#10-D" is something to avoid at all
costs! Once she writes you into her
Filofax as "Sex with James, Thursday @
9:00 PM" you know you`ve hit bottom, and
it is time to do something drastic--and

How To Handle Her

Your goal is to allow her to take time to
relax and gently pull her away from her
everyday cares. She hates being lazy, so
accomplishing this isn`t going to be as
easy. Like the male Virgo, the female
Virgo loathes making love in a hovel, so
if this describes your place, you`d
better spiff it up. Nothing turns off a
Virgo faster than dirt or mess. She isn`t
impressed with luxury, so don`t worry
about having things "good enough" for
her--crisp, just laundered cotton sheets
and some soft pillows are fine. But if
you don`t get organized, before you know
it, she`ll be out of bed and cleaning up
the place--the last thing you want her to
be doing in her Victoria`s Secret teddy!
As good as it sounds, to have some lovely
geisha cleaning up your pigsty, think
about it. If she`s stacking dishes in the
dishwasher, she isn`t making love to you,
so get your priorities straight, buddy.
Besides, god knows where she`ll "neaten
up" your collection of half-dirty
basketball shorts TO. So take away the
clamor of disorder that distracts her and
when she`s with you, you will be all that
exists in her world.

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy

She adores high fashion and well-made
clothing. As the saying goes, "God in the
details," and details are this
perfectionist`s forte. Most Virgo women
enjoy staying up-to-date on the latest
couture trends (she is ruled by Mercury,
so she is oriented toward staying
current). Yet their appearance will
likely be elegant and understated rather
than flashy, often choosing neutrals over
bright colors. She likes to dress up, so
think of a nice restaurant where she can
wear some of her new things. Tattered
jeans and polo shirts are not her style.

Buy her an article of clothing or piece
jewelry that is high fashion but
enduring, top quality, like a Tiffany or
Cartier watch that she can treasure for
years. (She`s madly punctual, so what
better gift?). Her sign rules jade, the
stone of fidelity, so a ring or pendant
made of that stone is especially
meaningful. You could alternatively give
her a beauty service, like a year of
manicures and pedicures (Virgo likes her
nails fastidiously groomed) or six months
of a personal trainer (fitness is a big
thing with her) and still make a big hit
with her.

In love, she is highly ethical and
idealistic, so don`t be surprised if your
Virgo comes to you with little sexual
experience. She`s just very
discriminating about who she will give
her heart and body to. Don`t think that
means she lacks passion. Quite the
contrary! Virgos are just better at
controlling their intense, smoldering
feelings, but once released, watch out!
When she finds a man she is willing to
devote her life to, she can be a tiger in
bed. Her secret strength is that she
communicates her needs well and will also
listen closely to, and act on, what her
lover needs.

Since Virgo prizes cleanliness so much,
seduce her with a bubble bath for two.
Set dozens of softly-scented votive
candles around the bathroom and be sure
to have some thick, luxurious towels
nearby. A bottle of champagne would be
good to have on hand, as would a bowl of
finger fruits --grapes, strawberries,
raspberries--to feed her one by one.
After your bath, give her a full body
massage. Later, when you make love, be
sure to talk to her during sex because
nothing as erotic to her as her vivid
imagination. Describe places and
situations where you would like to make
love to her down to the tiniest details.
(When she begins asking questions to keep
you taking about a certain scenario,
you`re on the right track).

To thank him for all his home
improvement, you might want to take him
to dinner. When choosing the restaurant,
remember that a Virgo`s digestive system
is delicate. Most Virgos dislike overly
rich food and try to eat balanced
healthful meals. Many are vegetarians.

Another point to consider is that Virgo
has a strong need to be highly organized.
So when seducing the Virgo man, be sure
you have a neat bedroom and put
unnecessary clutter out of sight. (Seeing
junk around will make him edgy.) In bed,
the Virgo man is like the Gemini (both
are ruled by Mercury) in that his need to
communicate is strong. Talking during
lovemaking will heighten his pleasure and
add to his passion for you.

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy

Many Virgos are talented writers. Their
reserved nature makes them express in
writing what they would have difficulty
saying in person. Happily, you may be the
lucky recipient of one of the wonderful
love letters only a Virgo could write.
Drop hints that you would like to receive
something written especially for you. A
perfect gift for him would be a beautiful
fountain pen or engraved stationary. He
would also adore a P.D.A. or electronic
organizer, a laptop computer, new
software, or even a dust buster for his
car. You could also buy him a deluxe tool
kit (don`t forget those metric socket
wrenches too) and let matters take their
own course!

Libra Male

Libra is the natural sign of partnership,
so it follows that the Libra man prefers
being married (or at least living
together) over flying solo. He will work
toward making his union strong and happy.
True justice is a very important issue
with Libra, and sometimes you might find
him moping around murmuring "It`s not
fair!" No one has yet succeeded to
convince him that life in general isn`t
fair. Libras have a strong ideas about
making life fair, and they make their
decisions and arrange their actions
around what they feel is the most just
and equitable solution. When drawn into a
dispute, your Libra lover will quickly
state his position and he`s done--there
is no hanging on to old arguments, no
poking into old wounds, and never any
sarcasm. Libras are too refined and
gentlemanly to fight dirty. He will
expect the same from you.

Your Libra guy loves to socialize. This
is one man you will not have to coax into
going to or hosting a party, and, oh, the
parties that they give! They are the
best! Libras are the ones who know
everyone, and there is sure to be a
famous face or two at one of their

Your Challenge

Libra men have so many friends and are so
charming themselves, that it is hard to
know where you stand, at least at the
beginning of a relationship. They are
very loyal once they commit, but until
then, this air sign tends to flit around
like a butterfly and is rather hard to
pin down. Initially, what you have to do
is draw attention to yourself in a
ladylike way and make him realize you are
the companion he wants to spend his time

How To Handle Him

Lovemaking is something Libra will look
forward to with relish--rarely will he
want anything quick or rushed. He enjoys
the process of seduction, something he
has elevated to an art form, and he will
take his time with his woman, careful to
attend to her emotional needs as well as
her physical ones. He is quite visual in
orientation and likes his to see you
dressed in elegant lingerie (Libra is a
refined sign, so don`t get too trashy or
flashy). When you are getting ready to
make love a Libra, wear your most elegant
jewelry, like pretty earrings and a fine
necklace, with little lacy underthings he
can easily remove.

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy

Libra is ruled by Venus, who controls the
arts, so music is very important to him
and he will have a great stereo system at
home. Buying him a good car stereo or
auto CD player is a great way to make
sure he always picks you up in a
wonderful mood.

Here`s an idea for a Libran seduction:
propose a day spent touring a pretty
rural locale and tuck some of his
favorite music into the glove
compartment. Don`t forget to pack a
gourmet picnic basket (Libra likes fine
food and delicacies). While he is driving
and his hands are full, start to touch
him--before you know it, you will be
pulled over on a small dirt road, the
music reaching crescendo, while he makes
love to you in the back seat, just like
two high school teenagers. There is
something devilishly lovely about doing
it in the back seat of his BMW or Lexus
(many Libra men are lawyers, so they can
afford good cars). Later, suggest you go
to a drive-in movie but don`t permit any
monkey business there--make him
concentrate on the film. Libras
appreciate subtle plotting like this. Pet
him all the way home as he drives,
helpless in his securely fastened seat
belt. By time you are inside the door
he`ll be ready for you all over again!

Libra Female

Libra women have busy social calendars
and keep happy by surrounding themselves
with adoring friends. Still, this lady
wants to be married, so don`t be fooled
by her gadding about. Once wed, she will
attend to her marriage as fiercely as her

Always fashionably-dressed, she favors an
eclectic look, mixing designer things
with antique pieces. The final effect is
smart and sexy, never dowdy. This
Venus-ruled beauty is beautifully
groomed, and smells as good as she looks,
for she never leaves the house without a
light spray of something intoxicating.
Her figure is usually curvy, svelte and
feminine, so you don`t even stand a
chance of resisting her. The most
memorable quality about your Libra lover
is her quintessential grace; in every
movement she makes, every word she
utters, she is poetry in motion.

Your Challenge

Your mission 007, is to capture her
heart. Not an easy task, considering the
line of men waiting in line. She has no
shortage of opportunities, so competition
will be stiff.

How To Handle Her

She has powerful talents of persuasion
and her lover may not know exactly how
she gets her way, but she does every
time--in the most charming fashion. Be
wary of getting wrapped around her little
finger, for although she may protest, she
secretly likes a man who stands up to her
now and then. If you are only
semi-conscious most of the time, you
don`t stand a chance of winning her

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy

Think of the cherubs in old master
paintings, flying though the air, holding
branches of roses or a lovely harp. This
describes your angelic lover. She`d adore
anything decorative, from sweetheart
roses, soft silk lingerie in a delicate
colors, to perfume in a modern or gentle
floral tone (nothing jarring for Libra).
One of Libra`s favorite gifts is jewelry,
but it has to be the real thing. Costume
jewelry will tarnish, just like your
relationship will if you try to give her
this. Robbing a bank may be your only
choice to get her what she wants. She
might also enjoy a beautiful mirror,
framed in gold leaf. Let`s pause a moment
--perhaps you`ve just thought of
something naughty? Before you get carried
away, let me advise you that not all
Libras like making love in front of a
mirror. Venus endowed her with curves and
she may be a bit self-conscious about
them (silly girl.) Put the mirror up in
the bedroom and let her gradually get
used to it. Keep telling her how tell her
how gorgeous she looks without a stitch

The Libra woman adores lighter foreplay
activities and is a world-class kisser.
If you haven`t yet tapped into this
aspect of her, you are missing one of
life`s true experiences. Corner her into
a hot necking session somewhere like at
the movies, where the other viewers won`t
care if you and she are going at one
another like two kids hell bent on
trouble. If you are lucky, the usher may
come with her flashlight and scold you!

When you finally get her to bed she will
want a slow hand, for Libra women never
marry cold fish or
slam-bam-thank-you-m`am types. She is
highly romantic and sensitive and wants
you to be that way too. Her bed usually
has many fluffy pillows and the most
beautiful linens she can afford. She
wants music in the bedroom, but no TV
(too indelicate--who wants to hear about
the Congressional budget or a mugging in
Queens when one is in the throes of
passion?) One last hint: Libra rules the
lower back and will purr like a kitten
when her man massages it with a lightly
scented cream. Meow!

Scorpio Male

The Scorpion is determined, shrewd,
protective, jealous, and powerful. It is
a sign prone to obsession, and the
Scorpio man is not nonchalant about
anything, from his career to his love
life. Symbolized by the phoenix rising
from the ashes, this bird aptly suggests
Scorpio`s incredible ability to
regenerate from seemingly disastrous
situations. Much has been written about
how sexy and mysterious Scorpio is. To
him sex is very important, and it would
be impossible for him to have a happy
relationship without great sex. The
Scorpio male is macho, a modern day 007:
thrilling, strong, silent and handsome.

Your Challenge

One of the challenges of being in love
with a Scorpio male is to get him to
voice his innermost thoughts and
feelings. Sometimes it is impossible know
exactly what a Scorpio is thinking! He
can be a temperamental, jealous lover, so
watch your step. You will have to play by
his rules or leave him. With this man,
there are no shades of gray.

How To Handle Him

Still waters run deep, and you will find
him fiercely loyal and deeply passionate.
This Pluto ruled-lover would never dream
of divulging details of your private life
together to others, and expects the same
from you. Woe to the woman who strays
from his bed to another lover, for he
will never forgive her. The Scorpion`s
sting is never used casually, only when
he feels threatened to the core, for its
sting kills not only the victim but the
Scorpion itself. Scorpio will never
suffer betrayal.

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy

If you want to get your Scorpio lover a
bit more relaxed and focused on you, try
taking him to a small, cozy restaurant
that serves solid manly food like a juicy
steak and fries. Red wine will probably
be his choice over champagne. The Scorpio
male is no delicate gourmand. He would
love a dark, rich chocolate mouse for
dessert, if he likes sweets (some
Scorpios do, some don`t). Wear your
little black dress or something in
burgundy, his favorite color.

Your Scorpio will want you to be
uninhibited. Don`t become offended if he
suggests viewing a sex video together. He
does not see pornography as degrading to
women, but as research and stimulus for
new things to do. Since this sign rules
law enforcement, crime and punishment,
suggest he play policeman with you. Give
him a gift box containing a blindfold and
some handcuffs and you`ll be all set.
This man likes trying out a little light
S&M playacting too so if you trust him,
be cooperative if wants to put his
naughty girl over his knee for a little
spanking. This intense sign will insist
on being the one in control, but
surrendering to a Scorpio can be divine

Scorpio Female

The Scorpio woman has great charm,
allure, and inner strength, and is able
to overcome most any obstacle in life.
She comes across as self-confident and
self-possessed and men are drawn to her
for that reason. There is a mysterious
quality about the Scorpio woman, because
she is intensely private, discrete and
secretive. Soon she will learn everything
about you, but later you will realize
that she hasn`t given you many details
about herself--that`s Scorpio`s natural

Finally, the operative word to best
understand your Scorpio lover is
"passion." One Scorpio once said to me
that passion was the single most
important ingredient in life, that is, to
be passionate about one`s loved ones,
one`s career, one`s lifestyle, for
without passion, what kind of life would

we have in the end? Well said!

Your Challenge

Your Scorpio beauty is attracted to
power, so if you have it, you are ahead
of the game. Your other challenge will be
that this lady has a mind of her own, so
if you think you can tame her, forget it.

How To Handle Her

Her highly intuitive nature makes her a
mind reader extraordinaire, so don`t try
to hide anything from her. If you are
trying to impress her with power you
don`t have, her Pluto-ruled nature will
sense it like a homing device. (Certainly
you don`t want to activate her seek and
destroy mechanism.) In love and
friendship, she is true-blue loyal and
will expect the same from you. If you
show her the slightest reason to distrust
you, however, she will never forgive you.
On the other hand, treat her well and she
will reward you for the rest of your
life. Home and family are regarded as
sacred, and Scorpio will defend and
support her man to the ends of the earth.
Like Leo women, Scorpio women are into
control, and with her magnetic, femme
fatale powers, she will soon have the
upper hand. After all, who could resist
her famous Scorpion gaze, those memorable
bedroom eyes?

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy

If you take your Scorpio beloved out for
dinner, make it a private little dark
rendezvous, overlooking water if possible
or better yet, as a guest on a private
yacht (preferably yours). The Scorpion
woman will always be understated with her
powerful sexuality--she doesn`t need to
flaunt it, it exudes naturally. In her
dress, she is very careful about her
accessories, buying only the finest shoes
and handbags, and if she needs one, an
elegant leather brief case. She knows
these accessories punctuate her entire
look and impart a feeling of true
elegance. Get her quality things made out
of leather (down, boy, not those things).
If treating her to perfume, get her a
modern oriental or something of musk and
subtly sexual.

While the Scorpio woman is always a lady
in public, she loves being her man`s
fantasy woman in the bedroom. Buy her
some new lingerie in of her most
flattering tones: maroon, eggplant or a
black. Elegant French and Italian
imported lingerie will impress her so buy
her a demi-cup push up bra, tiny, sheer
g-string bikini and elegant garter belt,
complete with a pair of black seamed
stockings. She may also be amused and
aroused by a lavishly illustrated
photography book by Helmut Newton or
Doris Kloster. If you get lucky, she may
want to experiment a little by lap
dancing for you and you alone.

This sign rules detective work, so plan a
mystery for her. She has a rich
imagination and this should work whether
you`ve known her a month or a decade.
Tell her to meet you in the most elegant
hotel bar in town. When you spot her,
stand at the other end of the bar and
have the waiter send over a glass of
champagne and a note from you. By now the
suggestive nature of your behavior will
have the staff murmuring and staring and
it will begin to turn her on
tremendously. After the second or third
drink, send her the key to your room in a
small envelope. (Book their best suite
ahead of time and stock it with roses
and.) When she`s pocketed the key, have
her meet you by the elevator. Ride up
alone, pushing her against the back wall
of the elevator and tell her in great
detail what you have planned. Show her
the silk ribbons you`ve tucked into your
breast pocket--Scorpio is intrigued by
bondage. Although she will try her
hardest not to show it, she will be
aching for you to begin. She won`t forget
this mystery, and neither will you!

Saggitarius Male

Your Sagittarius guy has a strong
intellect, penetrating thought process
and continual curiosity about the world
around him. Your man is ready for a deep
discussion on ethics, morality, politics,
philosophy, or religion, so go ahead one
night and tackle The Meaning Of Life.
Unlike Gemini, who focuses on details of
the here and now, Sagittarius looks at
the entire sweep of collected knowledge
and tries to make sense out of the big
picture. His most attractive qualities
are his faith and optimism, and his
customary cheer will endear him to you.
This sign also has major wanderlust, so
pack your glacier glasses and bug spray
if you want to travel with him on his
jaunts to the most exotic locales.
Finally, this is the sign of the ultimate
jock. Many of our most gifted Olympians
are born under this sign and he will
require lots of physical activity. If he
sounds like a handful, it`s because he
is, but such an interesting handful!

Your Challenge

Your Sagittarius man likes the bachelor
life more than most signs, so getting him
to commit may take some doing. Freedom is
something he values enormously and it`s
crucial for him to be able to do what he
wants to do.

How To Handle Him

"Mens sanis in corpore Sagittarius" Sag
has so much energy he will need some sort
of regular exercise to keep him from
going completely mental. If he needs to
spend what you believe to be inordinate
amounts of time at the gym, don`t hassle
him-- humor him instead. (You won`t be
able to win this one anyway). Enjoy his
beautiful shoulders and abs and glutes
and tell him he looks just like the Diet
Coke man.

Sag is great because they always tell the
truth, but sometimes hearing unvarnished
truth can be rough on the rest of us.
They have no sense of diplomacy, so if
you ask their opinion, be ready to hear
it! In love, Sag needs lots of sex and
sports but he has an equal need for an
intellectual partner. He will want his
woman to stay up to date on political
issues and trends and he will enjoy
lively and even heated debates. If he
needs regular nights out with the boys,
say "fine." Nothing spoils a relationship
faster for a Sag than a sense of

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy

Equipment for his favorite sport or new
workout clothing would be good, and if
you are feeling generous, a membership to
a health club would be ideal (that would
be a subtle acknowledgment of his manly
physical prowess). This sign adores
animals too, so you could surprise him
with that pet Dalmatian puppy he wants.

Sagittarius is a sophisticated sign that
enjoys international cuisine. When taking
him to dinner read the reviews and find
an unusual restaurant such as one that
serves Vietnamese, Japanese, Turkish, or
Thai cuisine. Afterwards, continue the
international theme by going to a foreign
flick. Often guys from this sign are good
with languages and at the very least
enjoy a good debate, so chose a movie
with a substantial plot (no, The
Bodyguard won`t quite cut it.) This sign
loves sports, as participant rather than
a spectator. Suggest you go swimming,
play tennis or do any sport where you can
keep up your end fairly well. His ego is
not fragile, this guy doesn`t want you to
let him win for he enjoys and admires
strong women. So give him a real workout
on the courts and you`ll both win!

The more things you do in the great
outdoors, the better, for he likes to be
in expansive space. You know where this
is all leading in terms of your
seduction--your Sagittarius lover would
be thrilled if you suggested making love
al fresco. This could be a problem if you
are moved to do this in winter and live
in a freezing region of the country.
Since Sag is the sign of the centaur,
chances are he likes horseback riding, so
how about seducing him in the barn on top
of an old-fashioned hay stack? Start by
telling him how perfect his riding "seat"
is and how you couldn`t get your eyes off
him. Since Sagittarius is the sign ruling
the thighs, gently stroking him there
will drive him wild with desire. If the
weather is warmer, seduce him out in the
wide open spaces, in a private, lush and
green setting, under the full moon and
stars. Can you think of anything more

Saggitarius Female

The Sagittarius woman is vivacious,
funny, self assured, and sophisticated.
She probably had an opportunity to travel
as a child, and will need to continue to
do so throughout her life. She`s a woman
who needs challenge and intellectual
stimulation in all parts of her life.

Sag women are often highly successful at
what they set out to do simply because
they are so positive they will succeed.
Since the sign also rules international
communication, they are either known
worldwide or deal with matters of global
importance. This is not an
overly-sensitive sign, and when
criticized, they listen carefully to the
feedback. She should be careful not to
hurt her mate`s feelings by being too
direct in her comments; Sag often has no
idea of how her words effect others. Her
man should also be sure to allow her a
sense of freedom which is highly
important to the Sag woman.

Your Challenge

To keep her intellectually stimulated
will be a lifelong struggle. This is no
dumb bunny, and you may have to struggle
to keep up with her. (Her idea of fun is
listening to National Public Radio.) She
gets bored easily, so be forewarned!

How To Handle Her

Her sign rules the centaur, half man,
half horse, pointing high, toward the
sky, which symbolizes her quest to reach
the lofty goals she`s set. She could be
"high maintenance" in that you will have
to endure all the highs and lows of her
existence, for her motto is nothing
ventured, nothing gained. Alas, some
things just aren`t going too work out,
but unlike Cancer, who will try to
second-guess themselves, Sag`s optimism
will buoy her up. She will be on to Plan
B in no time. Sometimes this could be
exhausting for you, so keep the vitamins

Places To Go, Things To Buy Her

If you`d like to get her a fragrance,
choose one of the fresh new uni-sex
fragrance, for she won`t wear anything
too conventionally flowery or sweet. She
is apt to be a runner or do some equally
strenuous sport--can you imagine a
marathon runner fussing with Arpege? Not

Her likes her look sporty, preferring
pants to skirts and sportswear to
anything more formal. Sag generally likes
comfortable shoes, the heels not too
high. It must have been a Sag who started
the trend of wearing her sneakers on the
way to work. Often Sag women were tomboys
as a kid, and as a woman she manages to
keep her enviable figure because of all
the exercise she gets. Give her clothing
which is body revealing, such as a mini
skirt and matching top in lycra or
spandex. She is one woman who can carry
it off in style! Or treat her to ten
weeks with a personal trainer and she`ll
be yours for life.

The Sag woman has no patience with frilly
nightgowns but prefers either something
plain and natural. What would she most
likely wear to bed? A cool, thin, tight
white cotton tank top which outlines her
breasts, worn with tiny cotton string
panties--or nothing at all. She likes
men`s wear, so you might catch her
putting on your button-down shirt with
not much else on but a smile. (Remember
how fetching Annette Bening looked in the
seduction scene from American
President?). She will do more for your
shirt than you could ever imagine.

She will be impressed if you treat your
body like a temple too, so try to work
out often. Then, you can lounge around in
tight bicycle shorts to heat things up.
Look at her innocently and say you took a
part time job as a messenger and need to
wear them for practicality and comfort.
(She`d got a good sense of humor.) Since
this woman would love a strenuous
workout, plan an active, feather-flying
pillow fight or try chasing her around
the yard. Feeling randy? Toss her into a
snow drift. The aim here is to get her
pulse rate up then convince her she won`t
need her morning run with you around.

Capricorn Male

When Henry Kissinger said "Power is
the greatest aphrodisiac" he sounded
like a Capricorn, even though he
isn`t (he`s Gemini). Your Capricorn
lover is highly ambitious and very
hardworking, so be prepared to
endure some nights alone while he
stays late at the office. All those
long hours, however, will pay off,
and your future lifestyle together
is likely to be mighty interesting.
Capricorns tend to achieve positions
of power and surround themselves
with highly successful friends and
associates. Unlike Aries who needs
to own his own business, Capricorn
likes working as part of the team in
large corporations and usually
climbs up through the ranks there.
The Capricorn man is excellent with
finances so chances are money will
never be a problem with him.

Your Challenge:

Your man likes successful women, and
will say to himself, "Can I
introduce her to my boss?" You will
have to reassure him he can, and
further, that you`ll actually
improve his career prospects. (The
higher he goes, the more his
significant other will count.)

How To Handle Him

In love, your Capricorn man`s most
enduring quality is his unexpected,
silly sense of humor. This is such a
different side of his ambitious and
driven personality that it will
catch you off guard. Don`t ever be
afraid to laugh in bed, for you will
endear yourself to Mr. Capricorn
forever. Lovemaking does not have to
be serious all the time.

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy

Capricorns are status conscious, so
when choosing a gift, be sure to
chose something from a fine
retailer. Alternatively, Capricorn
rules history, so an antique gold
coin, rare letter autographed by an
American president or a best seller
on an historical subject would be

When taking him to dinner, suggest
that you meet at his college club,
country club or even the Republican
Club (my apologies to Caps who are
Democrats--I`m just trying to make a
point). Or choose a fine,
established restaurant that looks
like a club, with wood paneling and
a low-key, moneyed ambiance. Eating
chicken and peas doesn`t bother
him--he is used to it from all the
industry dinners he regularly

Since he wants a Grace Kelly-type
rich girl, beg, borrow or rent a
luxurious mink coat (he has no
qualms about you wearing fur like
Aquarius does). Wear it securely
closed with nothing on underneath
but your finest jewelry, lacy bra,
panties and garter belt with lace
top black stockings. Of course you
will want to apply your most elegant
and sophisticated makeup. Carry a
proper handbag, and wear your
darkest and most glamorous
sunglasses. Don`t forget your
stiletto heels, of course--this is
no time for sensible shoes. Hail a
cab to where he works (he is happy
there and in his element) and,
walking into his office unannounced,

close the door purposefully (you`ve
told his secretary to hold all
calls). Whether you leave the blinds
up or down is up to you, but be sure
to play out his greatest fantasies.
He will never forget this day!

Capricorn Female

The Capricorn woman is the one with
the good gold jewelry, neutral tweed
or classic Brooks Brothers suits and
silk shirts. She always looks highly
successful, or like she comes from
old money (even if she doesn`t.) Your
Capricorn woman realizes the value of
a solid social network and will join
organizations which will help her up
the career ladder. Her lover will
soon realize that he will need to
share her with the world, and will be
proud of her long list of
accomplishments. She will come across
as serious, conservative, shy,
detailed, organized and
self-disciplined. She delivers on her
promises. She keeps her word and
everything that bears her name is the
best she can muster.

Your Challenge

Your Capricorn lover is
practical--coming from a good
background and having success
potential is important to her. Some
Capricorn women marry for social
position, others are just concerned
that their husband to be will be able
to support her in the manner to which
she is accustomed. You`ll need to
convince her of your earnest ambition
and your solid future. If you`re
socially connected, by all means,
don`t hide it.

How To Handle Her

In love she is slow and careful.
Never one to wander from one
flirtation to another, the Capricorn
woman has her feet well planted on
the ground. If her man suggests
something new to her and she isn`t
sure, he should give her time.
Capricorn generally likes to mull
things over and get used to ideas.
She must never be forced or she will
resist for sure.

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy

When getting her jewelry, think about
buying an antique piece of estate
jewelry, or give her something handed
down from your grandmother. For a
lovely dinner, take her to your club
or to a restaurant that looks like a
grand estate. Afterwards, give her a
madly romantic experience, such as a
carriage ride through the park in the
snow, with warm blanket and brandy
afterwards, or plan to meet her on
top of a tall building, such as the
Empire State building at 11:00 PM (à
la An Affair to Remember, but in this
version, both of you show up). Kiss
her passionately, and promise her
your true love.

Later, take her back to your
apartment. Since this sign rules
history, buy her a historical romance
novel and read steamy portions of it
to her in bed. Or, rent a romantic
video, set in the days of knights and
princes. Your lady is so used to
making all the decisions at home and
at work that she is tired of it all.
She wants to be rescued now and then
instead of having to rescue everyone
else. Transfer all those feelings to
you. Here is your chance to be her
real life knight in shining armor and
you will have her heart for life.

Aquarius Male

The most striking quality in the
Aquarius man is fierce independence
and creativity. He may also have a
scientific bent. Aquarians never
care about what has been done in the
past because they are totally
focused on the future. Your Aquarius
lover may also be concerned with
humanitarian issues and feel moved
to do something about a
environmental imbalance or social
injustice. Natural and charismatic
leaders, most of our presidents have
been Aquarians (President Ronald
Reagan is one). They usually have
many friends, although only few can
get into their inner circle.

Your Challenge

Friendship is so important to him
that you may feel his pals are more
important to him than you are. This
isn`t the case, but can be hard to
cope with at times. Loving an
Aquarius is often frustrating
because they often act aloof and
hard to catch. But as the French
say, the one who suffers greatest
loves the most. You`ll need to
position yourself inside his circle,
and not be on the outside looking

How To Handle Them

In love and marriage, the Aquarius
male will need to retain his sense
of individuality and freedom. The
wise woman in love with an Aquarius
will not hem him in. Inside the
Aquarius there is often a struggle
between wanting to live alone but
still craving love and nurturing (a
side kept well hidden). This duality
could drive you crazy at times, but
it is best to ignore it. When they
become angry, they will act distant
rather than rant and rave, so try to
draw him out, and get him used to
sharing his innermost thoughts. When
there`s a disagreement, reason with
him intellectually rather than
emotionally; this guy is analytical.

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy

Nothing makes an Aquarius happier
than talking about electronics or
the internet. They are ruled by
Uranus, the planet of the future. He
will spend his entire day on the
computer, and his only fears are
frying his CPU or a power outage.
Tell him your VCR needs setting,
that your computer fonts are screwed
up, or that you haven`t configured
your new e-mail software yet. Be a
damsel in electronic distress. Over
fiberoptic cables and phone modems
you can find true love.

Be sure to send him frequent e-mail
to show him you are thinking about
him. Meet at one of the new chat
rooms, like The Palace or V-Chat,
especially if you know one another
well, and assume various avatars and
speak to one another in a
predetermined code language. Attend
computer user meetings together,
catch the newest 3D flick (complete
with 3D glasses) or play a virtual
reality game. Meet at a cyber cafe
for coffee and surfing www.suck.com
a deux. Is all this getting a little
too wired for you? Aquarius also
likes a good off-line party, so find
out where one is happening and bring
him along, or throw your own bash.

Don`t only rely on e-mail to reach
your Aquarius, but also leave steamy
love notes on his office answering
machine (if it`s private), or call
him on his car phone early in the
day and make a "date" for one
another that evening. Say something
memorable and get him all worked up.
But remember that for an Aquarius to
fall deeply in love, they first have
to be friends (this sign rules
friendship). Don`t rush him, or
think you aren`t making "progress"
fast enough.

He likes you wearing something
current, short and sexy in a
man-made fiber, so greet him tonight
wearing nothing but Saran Wrap. For
going out, you might choose
something in shiny stretch vinyl.
Sexually, Aquarius is lots of fun
because he is so spontaneous and
experimental. He might visit a
sexual aid shop and come home with a
bag of little toys for you both to
enjoy. A sense of playfulness is
essential with Aquarius and you`ll
have to lighten up a bit to stay
popular with him.

Aquarius Female

The Aquarius woman is smart,
independent, somewhat rebellious and a
true original. Part of the reason her
man has fallen in love with her is the
fact that she`s not a clinging vine.
Quite the contrary, she matches wits
with her man, has a wide circle of her
own friends, and prefers to stand on
her own two feet. Many Aquarius women
are leaders in their field. She`s
analytical and her ability to
communicate is highly developed. If you
want to get on her good side, use
reason and logic rather than emotion.

Your Challenge

Your Challenge will be to keep things
from becoming boring or routine, which
would spell disaster for your
relationship. She is not an easy little
bird to catch, for once you feel you`ve
got her in your hands (or arms) she`s
flitted away again. She will need her
space, and with so many other guys
buzzing around her (she tells you
they`re just friends) you will need to
steady your nerves.

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy

Her best colors are bright fuchsia,
cobalt blue or charcoal gray. Aquarius
women tend to wear streamlined,
futuristic clothing and some Aquarius
women don`t mind if they shock a bit.
Her taste in jewelry is unique and
individual, even New Age, so you could
do well by getting her a special
crystal. There is a uniqueness about
the Aquarius woman, from her toes to
her hair, she is always a bit
different, on the cutting edge of
what`s new and hot.

Another gift that would be a hit is a
beeper with voice mail capability, all
the better for you to leave her
intimate love messages. If you take her
out to eat, better ask ahead of she
likes a certain kind of food, for many
Aquarians are vegetarians. She does not
need to be wined and dined in a
five-star restaurant--she is just as
happy in a noisy, lively bistro that
serves good food and is a place where
she might bump into friends. (To get an
Aquarius alone is a feat unto itself.)

Never inhibited in bed, Aquarius brings
a sense of fun and playfulness to her
lovemaking. She may suggest a video to
watch beforehand, since Aquarius are so
electronically-oriented, or if you know
her very well, she might consent to
making your private video together,
with her ground rules. Since she loves
being in the center of the action, tell
her that you want make love to her in a
semi-public place. Remember the movie
set in Vietnam, called The Lover? The
lovers meet regularly in an apartment
right off the street where city noises
and people walking around outside the
door are quite audible, and the very
closeness of the street has an erotic
effect on lovers. Be inspired by this
thought, perhaps at the next party you
two attend. Choose a room where she can
hear other guests but where the two of
you can temporarily disappear for some
privacy, maybe a closet or pantry.
Don`t worry about her reaction to
suggesting a quickie--if she knows you
well, this is one lady who will be

Pisces Male

This man`s vivid imagination and
sensitivity (matched in intensity only by
fellow water sign Cancer) will endear him
to you quickly. Pisces` greatest strength
is their creativity. Neptune makes them
brilliant at expressing themselves in
symbols and gestures. They therefore they
make outstanding film makers,
photographers, and dancers. Their
empathetic nature will make you fall in
love with him quickly, for it is possible
you`ve never met a man who knows the inner
you so well.

Your Challenge

Pisces sometimes loses himself in his
work, especially if he`s in a creative
field. He needs a regular outlet to
express his powerful emotions and insights
on the world, so you will have to learn to
be supportive of his efforts. At times he
can be hard to pin down, but this is
usually due to his not yet having made up
his mind about an issue. Being a dual sign
like Gemini, he likes to look at both
sides of every situation before taking a

How To Handle Him

When trying to persuade a Pisces man of
anything, do not use facts or logic;
appeal to his emotions and intuition. If
you press any point too hard or become
demanding, he will swim in the other
direction. He is gentle to others and
expects to be treated in kind. He hates
ruts and constricting routines, so a
free-form schedule in life is more to his

Another important fact to remember is that
Pisces will give freely of himself
whenever he can, but if he feels he has
been taken advantage of, he will retreat
without warning. At that point, it is hard
to win back his trust. The Pisces man
needs to be appreciated.

This man is not materialistic or
money-oriented--don`t bug him to ask for a
raise or question why he doesn`t make more
money. He realizes that possessions and
money are only earth-bound, temporal
things that don`t matter much in the grand
scheme. He is too spiritual to be
concerned with such mundane matters. A
deeply philosophical sign, money does not
motivate him as much as self-expression
and creativity do. (Money does have a way
of finding a way to Pisces, nevertheless,
so don`t think this is a sign doomed to

Since Pisces reads body language better
than any other sign, don`t be surprised if
he just seems to know much more about you
than you`ve ever told him. Of course,
verbal communication is important too, but
keep it delicate and poetic. When
delivering criticism to him be diplomatic
rather than direct. Pisces men never like
anything too gritty and hard-hitting.

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy

An ideal evening to a Pisces man would be
to have dinner in an exotic Indian or
Asian restaurant, and have a double
espresso afterwards in a tiny, dark
patisserie, debating a particular moral or
ethical issue until the sun comes up. Or
take him to the movies--he can`t seem to
see enough of them.

Since Pisces rules the feet, why not
delight your man by surprising him with
some special peppermint foot cream and a
relaxing foot massage? Their feet are the
first area of their body to show signs of
stress. Now, the Pisces man`s first
instinct is to pay attention to you first,
so he will have to get used you lavishing
attention of him. Be sure to tell him just
looking at his body is a wonderful turn-on
for you; the Pisces man has less vanity
than most signs and may be surprised to
hear you say this! Although he may not
appear to need it, if you bolster his
self-confidence in the bedroom he will
turn into a dream lover for you!

A lush tropical island resort would be the
perfect locale to seduce your Pisces
beloved because he will feel refreshed and
uninhibited near bodies of water. On the
appointed day, tell him you`ve packed a
picnic lunch and drive him out to the
prettiest waterfall you can find on the
island (do your research first). Bring
along your Polaroid camera (Pisces rules
photography) to capture some of the fun.
Wearing only a thin T-shirt and string
bikini bottom, dare him to follow as you
run under the falls. Let yourself become
totally drenched, hair and all. Do all
this quickly to capture the element of
surprise and allow him a moment or two to
stare at you in your clingy, now
see-though T and skimpy bottom, laughing
and beckoning him to join you. Do you
honestly not know how this scene ends?

Pisces Female

The Pisces temperament is gentle,
romantic, caring, compassionate, and
spiritual. Pisces rules the subconscious
mind, and so it follows that her dreams
are vivid and meaningful, even
prophetic. You`ve got quite a glamorous
sparkler on your hands--Elizabeth
Taylor, Sharon Stone and Cindy Crawford
are all dazzling Pisces, and each in
their own way reflects the reserved and
unpretentious Pisces nature. Your Pisces
enchantress almost always has large and
beautiful eyes which mirror her feelings
openly and she could be prone to cry
easily. Soft and ultra-feminine, she
will put your needs ahead of hers.

Your Challenge

Her feelings are very sensitive and
easily hurt, so be careful how you
address her. In any relationship, she
likes to proceed gradually, perhaps at a
slower pace than you would like. But
rush her and your little fish will
disappear into the depths of the sea.

How To Handle Her

She`s mystical and poetic and she needs
a regular outlet for her creative
expressions. Her sign rules all
non-verbal communication--symbols,
gesture, dance, art, and poetry--and the
Pisces woman is highly intuitive. She
trusts her feelings and she reads body
language perfectly, so don`t try to say
one thing and mean another--she will
catch on quickly. Pisces will need to be
alone occasionally to recharge and
refresh herself, so allow her time for

She`s caring and sensitive to her man,
but can easily be so self-effacing that
she forgets her own needs. Her urge to
relieve suffering in others is as strong
as the life force and it is the single
most important element of her nature to
understand. Some people will sometimes
take advantage of her good nature. Her
man should help her by reminding her
that it`s OK to say no to favors others
ask of her. At times the world can have
a wearing-down effect on her
self-confidence, which sometimes needs
rebuilding in even the strongest Pisces
women. When Pisces is hurt, she will
build her own version of the world to
protect herself, preferring to live in a
world of dreams until she feels she is
ready for re-entry into reality. Realize
this is not a weakness--she will always
come back--and the worst thing you could
say to this fragile beauty is "Get

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy

Don`t be overtly sexual with Pisces--she
is subtle and indirect. Come across
brash and aggressive and she`ll vanish.
Instead, give her a book of romantic
poetry, like that of Edna St. Vincent
Millay or a beautiful black & white
photograph of a couple kissing. Or give
her music, perhaps something soothing
and spiritual, such as Enya, Orion or
Monks singing Gregorian chant.

Buy her clothing in one of her favorite
shades of violet, blue or sea green. She
loves lace, angora sweaters, and prefers
flowing, soft chiffon-type fabrics over
sharp tailoring. Silk is favored over
crisp cotton. Sparkling jewels look
especially beautiful on her, so consider
surprising her with diamonds, amethysts
or aquamarine stones. In choosing a
restaurant, pick a dark, private,
romantic place filled with flowers. She
loves to dance (Pisces rules the feet)
so take her to a club with a great band.
She also loves the movies, for her
ruler, Neptune, rules film and she can
easily lose herself in the story. She
will also adore tickets to the ballet,
an art opening or a poetry reading.
Finally, surprise her a deluxe shower
head for her bathroom (Pisces is a water
sign), promising her that the two of you
will play under it soon.

Sex to Pisces is spiritual. She simply
cannot sleep with a man she isn`t in
love with. She`s worth waiting for--her
natural sense of rhythm and grace in
body movement makes her a fabulous
lover. This does not preclude her from
having fun with her lover--that is a
certainty--but she will need a full
commitment of love from you before

No other sign loves costume and fantasy
as much as Pisces does, so when you get
to know her well, suggest you both go
shopping together for an outfit to wear
in the bedroom--a French maid?
Cleopatra? Elvira, Mistress of the Dark?
Her rich imagination needs fantasy, so
you will be on the right track. If she
is a reserved Pisces, give her a
gift-wrapped bottle of her favorite
scent tucked inside the pocket of a new
luxurious terry robe. She`ll be happy to
try her new robe on--just tell her the
rules are that she wear nothing else.
Then draw her close to you, turn on the
water in the bath and take a long,
passionate and steamy soak together.
Afterwards, be sure to rub on some of
the softy scented cream that you bought
and let nature take its course!

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