Funny Story .... well sort of....
Posted by Cherie Bain on April 29, 1997 at 07:21:12:

Hi people. This is a story that me and my friends wrote when
we had nothing to do at the office. It is one of those stories
where everyone writes one paragraph and compiles this weird and
wonderful, and sometimes humourous story.

I hope you like it.

Long ago there was a magnificent bell that rang everyday and filled
the city with it's glorious sound.

The piano was set up hign on a pedistal with it's haunting
music drifting down into the city.

He wore a bermuda bathing suit. The bathing suit was pink
with red polka dots on it and he used it to flirt with all the
naked chicks on the beach.

The bell came on all the chicks and they sighed with
pleasure because it was the best sex they'd ever had. The bell
said "I'm not bad for a hunk of metal." The metal
then walked home happy at his new found discovery.

It was the car of the century - the corvette. Six speed mannual
, sunroof, electric mirrors and reclining leather buckets.
0-60km in 3.1 secs. Yep it was the car of the century.

As he was driving along he smashed into a tree and the bucket
rolled down the hill and onto the beach next to a naked chick.


E.B. was an excellent bloke who was extremely permiscuous.
He had already done it twice in the bell tower where the
bell watched and learned.

The hunter lined his sights up. The assistant watched an learned
The shot fired the deer stopped dead in it's tracks, it's legs weakly
trying to work.

Maybe in other people's minds he was a weakling but in
his own mind he was a sex god. Ezra is the greatest sex
god on Earth.

This is the story of Jessie and Jarrod.

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