Money's Worth
Posted by samantha on 8/29/2002:

Sandy McDonald, a long time and respected resident of a small Scottish town, passed away.

His wife, Maggie, went to the newspaper to place an obituary. She asked how much it would be. When the newspaper man told her, she was a little shocked by the price.

She asked him, "Since Sandy was such a highly regarded resident of this town, couldn't you do it for nothing?"

"No", said the man. "But, I will give you three words, free."

Maggie answered, "Well, we could just say, ' McDonald is dead."

The newspaper man, then said, "I have just been thinking. Since Sandy was such a highly respected resident of our town, I think I could make that six words, free."

"Oh," said Maggie. "Then we could say, "McDonald is dead. Bicycle for sale."

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