Idiots Guide To Sex
Posted by KEVIN on August 21, 192002 at 09:16:51

* If she wants to do it French, Russian or Greek, it doesn't
mean you have to go to Berlitz and learn the language.

* "Faster, Harder, Deeper" is not the motto of the Olympics.

* A Fallopian tube is not part of a TV set.

* Membership of the Mile*High Club is void if you apply by

* A clitoris is not something you order from a florist.

* Contrary to popular belief, Grape Nuts is not a venereal

* If it doesn't make you smile: you AIN'T DOIN' IT RIGHT!

* When she comes down wearing her most expensive body
stocking and asks you to come to bed, don't say you first
want to check your e-mail.

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