Posted by ANTON PERERA on 8/17/2002:

A salesman goes to a departmental store for a job as a sales executive. But he cannot speak English.The manger says he cannot work since he cannot speak English. But the salesman was very confident about his convincing ability and he somehow managed to convince the manager.

After a week the manager found sales have gone up by two to three times, because of this same salesman. So one day he stops at the counter to see what the salesman does.

He saw the salesman was selling a fishing rod to a person for Rs.800. After that he asked him to buy a pair of sports shoes to go fishing for Rs.2000. Then he asked him to buy a few eatables while fishing for Rs.100, then he asked him to buy a picnic basket to carry all the things for Rs.500. The man bought all
the things and left the store.

The manager was surprised and went up to the salesman and asked him how he sold all those things when the man only wanted a fishing rod. The salesman replied: "Sir, he was not here to buy a fishing rod. He was here to buy sanitary napkins. I told him what he will do for four days so you better go fishing".

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