Posted by ANTON PERERA on 8/14/2002:

A young female shop assistant with a penchant for very short skirts worked in a bakery shop.

One day a young man came in, saw the young woman and glanced at the loaves of bread behind the counter.

'I'd like some raisin bread, please,' he said politely.

The girl nodded and climbed up a ladder to reach the raisin bread on the very top shelf, whereupon the young man got a great view.

As she came down the ladder with the bread a small group of male customers began to gather around the young man to check out the view.

Pretty soon they were all asking for raisin bread, just to see the her climb up and down.

After a while she got tired and irritated by all this, and from the top of the ladder, noticed an elderly man standing in the middle of the group.

'Is yours raisin too?' she yelled testily.

'No,' croaked the feeble old man, 'But it's startin' to twitch.'

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