the neighbours
Posted by Silver on 7/04/2002:

The couple has a small boy about three years old. One day they wanted to have sex. They couldnt let the boy see them. So the father told her son "Son I and mom had to do some theing important. Untill then why dont you go the the balcony and wait untill we call you by the time you can shout about the things you see from the balcony"

So the kid is satnding in the balcony and shouting about the things he see he says "there goes the milk man" "there goes the paper man" the father is shouting back from in side the house
"good son keep on going" Then the kid suddenly said "the neighbours Mr & Mrs Smith are having Sex"

The father got a shock hearing this he got dressed and came to the balcony and asked from the kid "Can you see Mr & Mrs Smith from here having sex?"

The Kid replied "No I cant see them, But there son is also in the balcony Counting vehicles"

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