Head Master
Posted by Upali T. on July 04, 192002 at 00:43:43

Little Jonnie went to a prostitute emptied his pocket
to her hands and said "I want to get poxed".

"I beg your pardon?". said the whore

"I said that I want to get VD from you"said the little

"But why?" asked the whore

"I want to give my mum" said the little Jonnie,

"Surely you are not having sex with your mum" whore said

"Noooo" said Jonnie,
"then how are you going to give her?" said the whore,

little Jonnie said "When I get it I will give to my
Nanny ,she will give to my daddy,daddy will give to
my mummy ,she will give to my Headmaster,that's the
son of bitch I am after" .

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