Type of Piss
Posted by Nimal Rajenthiram on 5/17/2002:

1. EXCITABLE TYPE : Pants are twisted, can't find fly, rips pants in anger.

2. SOCIAL TYPE : Joins pals for a piss whether he wants to or not.

3. TIMID TYPE : Cannot piss if anyone is watching, in later.

4. NOISY TYPE : Whistles loudly while pissing, peeps over partition to take a look at other fellows'.

5. INDIFFERENT TYPE : All urinals occupied, pisses in the sink.

6. CLEVER TYPE : Pisses without holding tool in the hand, shows off by adjusting tie.

7. VAIN TYPE : Undoes five buttons to take out his tool when only two would do.

8. INTELLECTUAL TYPE : Opens vest, takes out tie and pisses in his pants.

9. ABSENT MINDED TYPE : Not quite sure what he has been upto lately, makes a furtive examination of his tool while pissing.

10. DISGUSTED TYPE : Stands for a while, farts, tries to piss but fails, farts again and stalks away muttering.

11. SNEAKY TYPE : Drops a silent fart while pissing, sniffs air and looks on the bloke on the left and smiles.

12. SLOPPY TYPE : Pisses down into his shoe, walks out with fly open and adjusts his balls ten minutes later.

13. CHILDISH TYPE : Looks at bubbles in bottom of urinal while pissing.

14. LEARNED TYPE : Reads books or newspapers while pissing.

15. STRONG TYPE : Bangs tool on side of urinal to knock off the last drops.

16. DRUNKEN TYPE : Pulls out tool, sees two, puts one back and pisses in his pants.

17. COCKEYED TYPE : Stands in one cubicle and pisses in the next.

18. EMBARASSED TYPE : Covers his tool with both hands and pisses through his fingers.

19. HASTY TYPE : One who pisses all over the fellow on his left as he sneezes

20. CLEAN TYPE : Finishes the piss, rubs his tool with a napkin, and only then puts it back

21. CONFUSED TYPE : Stands in front of the urinal, not quite sure, turns around and pisses on the ground

22. FUTURISTIC TYPE : Goes over to the urinal again for a next piss, just after having a glass of water

23. EXPERIMENTAL TYPE : Tries to piss with the tool pointing upward, and sees the curvature of the parabolic emission.

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