Doctor! Doctor!!
Posted by CANUCK on April 22, 1997 at 12:33:46:

A young intern is making his rounds late one night at the hospital. He enters into the room of an invalid woman who has been in a coma for over two years. No one comes to visit this poor woman anymore, but the intern is not as concerned with this as he is with finishing his rounds, the most mundane of his duties.

As the young doctor is straightening up the bed his hand accidentally rubs against the old woman's breast. Just then an extra "blip" comes from the monitors attached to the woman. The doctor's curiosity is peaked and he makes sure this is not a coincidence by touching the woman's breast again and sure enough there is another "blip". He decides to experiment further and places his hand in a more private place.

"Blip! blip, blip blip, blip blip" comes the sound from the monitor. The doctor is astounded. He calls the woman's husband who hasn't been in to see the woman in months. He very carefully explains to the man how he accidentally came upon this discovery and asks the husband if he
would come down to the hospital to experiment further.

The man agrees and twenty minutes later the two stood in the room, the young doctor explaining the situation.

"Well, sir I think that what we really want is a reaction that will bring her out of this coma" the doctor says. "Agreed Doc...what do I do?"

"Well I think that you should try oral sex"

Minutes later the man is in the bed, the curtains are drawn and the monitors are "blipping" away. The doctors is encouraged until the blipping suddenly turns to flatline. The man makes his way out from behind the curtain.

"What happened" the doctor asked.

"Well", the man says, "she was going pretty good there for a while but I think in the end she mighta choked on it"

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