"ITTYLE EKA" (Sri Lankan Joke)
Posted by Janaka on 4/20/2002:

Once upon a time, there were two kids who played together on their leisure times. (a boy & a girl)
They were just 3 years of age.

One day, the boy came to play with his little female friend. He was surprised!!!!! His little friend was naked. He has never seen a female body. So he wondered and asked "oya mokakda?", pointing to her secret part of the body. She said " eka thamay mama choo karana eka". He was delited and played with his mate.

On the next day, he went to play with her again. But the special thing was there were no clothes on his body. The fun time started. This time the girl was surprised and asked him, pointing to his "malli" "oya mokakda ane". He said " meka thamay mama choo karana eka".

Then she simply asked "what are those two little balls ?" He laughed and said " ewa thiyenne ittyle ekata" ( He could't even pronounce the word "STYLE" proparly)

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