Retirement Home
Posted by O J Fernando on 4/20/2002:

Howard aged 92 lives in a seniors home. Everyday he uses to take a walk in the garden and whenever he is tired he used to sit on a bench and think of his past accomplishents. There came Mildred aged 82 who used to do the same thing like Howard and on that day happend to sit beside Howard on the same bench. They started a conversation which lasted for hours and finally Mildred asked Howard what he misses most in his life. Howard replied "SEX"

Mildred: "You old fart even if I a hold a gun at your
head you will never get the standup at this age"
Howard: "But Mildred it will be nice if a
woman can hold my manhood for some pleasure"
Mildred: "Suely I can oblige you" and then she unziped Howard and held his manhood gently for him to get the satisfaction he wanted. This became a habit and they both enjoyed doing it everyday as a routine.

One day to Mildred's surprise Howard was not there and she wandered about in the garden to find Howard seated with Ethel aged 83 by the side of the pool doing the same thing what Mildred used to do.

Mildred was furious and yelled "You two-timing creep!what does Ethel have that I dont have? Howard smiled happily and replied "PARKINSONS"!

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