Re:Dear Boys!
Posted by Devi on 4/20/2002:

For too long, we ladies have been made to put up with second rate traetment from you guys!!!NO MORE!!!The ladies time for comeback darlings and show you guys what we women are made of!
So listen up you guys, this is how it is.....

*You guys don't always have to hold on to your mother's sari and cry for her on the slighest diffculties you have- why marry if you still need to hold your mother's hand?

*We should be able to ogle other men...if we don't look @ other men, how are we meant to rate how handsome you are?

*When our favorite programme is on..wait for the commericals, if you need something!

*Girls are allow to change their minds, you know!

*A beer-belly is definely a smokers and beer loots....need not bother marrying -because we girls are fed up of putting up with it!

*Guy! you have hands & feet haven't you....So use them to get your own things; Making a meal/tea; and washing your plates etc after yourself you know!

*Telling us, how gorgeous an model is on the TV/ Magnizine, makes you guys sound so childish, cheap & stupid...HEY guys did you know most of them are high on drugs & plastic surgery. So they are not normal unless you want a junkie & plastic model for a partner...we girls have more respect for ourselves than that! Thank you.

*Yes, we know 75% of men are colour-blind, that doesn't mean we girls can't appreciate colour.

*It's not that trouser that makes you look out of proportion- it's that beer-belly from all that beer you guys drink!

*Just because we women love to wear tight-fitted clothes/ low cut/ slogen or picture on our tops....doesn't give you guys the right to ogle/ stare. Why do you guys think that everything we girls do are for you! Girls are allowed to wear clothes they like and feel comfortable in, you know! So we wear them, because we like them & NOT 4 YOU GUYS! sorry to disappoint you guys! Guys you need to get a grip on your hormones ya!

*Men who can't support their wives, have no right to marry at all!

So if you guys can learn the above...then just maybe women & men can coexist on a level of love & respect. The ball is now firmly in your court!

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