The Indian style
Posted by kevin on March 11, 192002 at 13:50:44

An Indian geezer goes to the red light district one night in Bangkok, and finds himself a lady for the night. He then asks her , how much do you charge for the hour???

She replies, "$100"
So he says, "Okay do you do Indian style?"
She says "No!!"
He then says to her , "I'll pay you $200 to do Indian style???"
She again says no , not knowing what Indian style is!
So he then offers her $300 , again she declines his offer.
So finally he says "I'll give you $500 to go Indian style with me"

Anyway she finally agrees thinking well she has been in the industry for over 10 years now, she has been there and done that , how bad could Indian style be...........

So she goes ahead with the Indian fellow , doing it in every kind of possible way and in every position. Finally at the end after he has finished, she turns around and says to him,
"What was the Indian style????

I mean did I miss something here?? What was so Indian style about what we did???"

He replies to her - "I'll pay you tomorrow!!!!!"

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