Posted by Kapila on March 08, 192002 at 13:40:03

A man bought a donkey from a preacher. The preacher told the man
that this donkey had been trained in a very unique way: the only way to make the donkey go was to say "Hallelujah!", and the only way to make the donkey stop was to say "Amen!".

The man was pleased with his purchase and immediately got on the animal to try out the preacher's instructions. "Hallelujah!" shouted the man. The donkey began to trot. "Amen!" shouted the man. The donkey stopped immediately. "This is great," though the man. With a "Hallelujah", he rode off very proud of his new purchase.

The man traveled for a long time through some mountains. Soon he was heading towards a cliff. He could not remember the word to make the donkey stop. "Stop", said the man. "Halt!", he cried. The donkey just kept going. "Oh, no...'Bible!....Church!...Please Stop!!", shouted the man. The donkey just began to trot faster. He was getting closer and closer to the cliff edge.

Finally, in desperation, the man said a prayer..."Please, dear Lord. Please make this donkey stop before I go off the end of this mountain, In Jesus name, AMEN".

The donkey came to an abrupt stop just one step from the edge of the cliff.

"HALLELUJAH!!" shouted the man.

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