Give us a push!!!!
Posted by Willo on 2/11/2002:

Late one night there was a tap on the front door, so Joe awoke to have a look and there was this man asking him for a push, annoyed with him Joe slamed the door and went back to bed. His wife awoke and asked him who was it? just some guy wanting me to give him a push, so what did you say? nothing!! I just shut the door in his face...the wife got very upset with, chastised him and sent him back to give the poor fellow a push.

So Joe mumbling along went and opened the front door, but it was very dark and couldn't see he hallowed "hey man where are you? sorry! can I give you a push now?" the voice returned from the dark corner of the garden "Yeh sure!!" Joe again goes where are you? the voice returns "Over here on the swing!!!"

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