A fabulous reception
Posted by SILVERSTAR on February 11, 192002 at 11:49:30

After a fabulous reception, the newly married couple
retreat to their honeymoon suite. Preparing for bed,
to consummate their marriage, the women enters the
bathroom. She returns in minutes with anticipation, in
a beautiful sheer negligee, adorned in lace.

Upon her return, she notices her new husband is just
sitting on the bed fully dressed. Concerned and annoyed,
she ask, what is wrong.

His reply; I'm embarrassed to take off my clothes.

Angry she tells him how she has prepared all her life for
this moment. Accepting the situation, he starts to undress.
Off comes shoes, shirt and then socks. As he is pulling off
his socks, she notices his feet are all curled up.

"Oh honey what happened to your feet."

"I had toelio", his reply.

"You mean polio" she said.

"No toelio" he said.

Next off came his pants. Staring at his disfigured legs,
she said; "Oh honey what happen to your knees."

"I had kneesels."

"You mean measles", she said.

"No kneesels", he said.

He stands up shyly and pulls off his underpants. She stands
back, saying wait, wait, wait don't tell me, "smallcox"

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