The funniest and disgutingest joke in the world!
Posted by Navin on 1/21/2002:

In a building in a small city called Tanzania there were 3 people in the 3 stories high building. On the ground floor there was a fat lady who didn't have a plate to eat her food on so she ate on her balcony. On the middle floor there was a man who didn't have a place to piss. So he pissed outside his balcony. On the top floor was a man who didn't have a mirror for him to shave on, so he looked into the shine of the railing on his balcony and shaved.

One morning the man on the top floor was shaving his beard off when suddenly his razor fell off the balcony. Then on the middle floor the man was doing a piss out of his balcony and then CHOP his willy (or CHOO as you call it) got cut off. Then on the ground floor the lady was having her hotdog on the railing of her balcony when the middle floor man's willy fell into her hotdog without her noticing, then she took a big bite out of her hotdog without realizing that she had a bloody willy in it!!

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