Hell With you sir!
Posted by shanika on January 21, 192002 at 20:03:07

Two generals, one from the Army and one from the Air Force, were having a debate with a Navy admiral about whose soldiers were the bravest.
To prove his point, the Air Force general called over an airman.
"Airman! Climb that flagpole, and once you are at the top, sing 'Wild Blue Yonder,'and then jump off!"
"Yes, SIR!" replied the airman.
He took off for the flagpole like a shot, scaled the pole, sang the anthem, saluted, and jumped off, hitting the ground at attention.
The general dismissed him.
"Now, that's bravery!" exclaimed the general.
"Bravery, nothing," snorted the Army general. "Get over here, private!"
"Yes, Sir!" replied the private.
"Put on full combat gear, load your rucksack with these rocks, scale that flagpole, come to attention, present arms, sing the National Anthem, salute each of us, and then climb back down head first."
"Yes, SIR!" replied the private, who completed the task as directed.
"Now that is a brave man! Beat that!"
They looked at the Marine.
"Private!" he said.
"Yes, SIR!!"
"Put on full combat gear. Put these two dogs in your pack. Using only one hand, climb that flagpole. At the top, sing 'The Halls of Montezuma,' put your knife in your teeth, and dive off, headfirst."
The private snapped to attention, looked at the general and said, "To hell with you, sir."
The general turned to the others and said, "Now that's bravery!"

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