Mallu jokes
Posted by SILVERSTAR on January 21, 192002 at 09:41:22

What will a mallu reply when asked "Are there any mosquitoes
in your house?
Why did the Malayalee crossed the road?
What does a Mallu do to run for elections in Hongkong?
Change his name from Thankachan to Than Ka Chan
Why do they require 5 people for a Malayalee funeral?
Four to carry the coffin, one to carry the two-in-one.
How does a Malayalee travel in Chembur?
Where did the malayalee study?
In the kollage.
What did the Malayalee do when the plane caught fire?
He JEMBED out of the VINDOW...
Why did he go to Rome?
To hear POPE music..

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