Posted by shanika on January 16, 192002 at 08:43:38

Question: What does Bin Laden need to terminate George Bush?
Answer: A football game and a pretzel

Question: Did all American presidents suffer from Alzeimer's disease after President Reagon?
Answer: Yes..Bill Clinton quoted "I did not Sleep with that woman"

Question: What is the major weakness all american presidents have trouble with?
Answer: Lying better than the previous President.

Question: How many American presidents does it take to change a lightbulb?
Answer: One to hold the chair, one to get him up on the chair, One to tell how good he looks up on the chair, One to give him the lightbulb, one to place it securely and the other to screw the thing up!

Question: What country was founded by Tony Blair and then lost by Tony Blair within two weeks?
Answer: Palestine.

Question: Who did a similar thing to America but didn't actually lose it?
Answer: Christopher Colombus.

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