Hawaiian Vacation
Posted by mehboob on January 08, 192002 at 10:52:04

A synagogue honors its Rabbi for a quarter-century of service by
sending him to Hawaii on a well-deserved vacation, all expenses

The President of the synagogue decides that in addition to the
trip, the Rabbi should have fun and he makes arrangements to have
a call-girl available for the Rabbi at all times.

When the Rabbi walks into his hotel room, there is this nude
young girl lying on the bed and she informs the Rabbi that she is
his at any time during his vacation.

The Rabbi, stunned and extremely embarrassed, demands to know who
arranged this little situation, and of course, the girl is
compelled to tell him.

The Rabbi immediately picks up the phone, calls the synagogue,
and gets through to the President of the congregation.

'Where is your respect'? he growls. 'How could you do something
like this?'

'I must be held in high esteem by each and every member of this
congregation. As your Rabbi, I am very, very angry with you!'

As he continues to berate the President, the girl rises
sheepishly from the bed, not wanting to further embarrass the

As she stands, the Rabbi says 'Where the hell are you going?
....I'm not mad at you!'

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