Tarzen & the Weda
Posted by Silver Fox DC on 1/08/2002:

One day Tarzen was swinging over tree tops showing off his acrobatic skills to Jane. Suddenly he fell down and the fall costed him , the most important tool he had.(jane was terribly dissapointed).

So Tarzen decided to come to Sri Lanka to get some treatment.(To have a new tool fixed). A Sri Lankan friend of his , directed him to the Horivila Weda Mahaththaya. He examined Tarzen, but such a big tool was not available at the moment.(Even Weda himself did not possess a tool of that size.) but the witty wedamahaththay did not give up. He cut a SMALL part from the trunk of a recently died elephent and fixed it to Tarzen. Tarzen was very happy as he got a tool which can trumphet. He returened home happily.

Suddenly after two or three weeks Weda Mahaththaya found Tarzen with a club(a wooden one) in front of his door ready to smash Weda's brains out.

Weda Mahaththaya was scared to death , but asked Tarzen what the reason was?

Then the angry Tarzen told him that " When I swing over tree tops , your dammned tool plucks leaves and braches and stuffs them through my arse hole."

Then Weda said old habbits dye late.
Sri Lanka was short of one Weda. !!!

The End.

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