True story (sex saves the life!)
Posted by Carlos Revera on 12/18/2001:

Sex saved the life of a guy in WTC tragedy!

this is the story one of my managers told us in the meeting today, he is a good friend of the guy in the story. After 2nd plane hit the south tower the wife of this guy who is a top manager of Lehman Brothers(investment firm has its main office in WTC)who worked on 83rd floor started calling his cell phone. after calling and leaving messages for 6 times she called again! this time the guy picked the phone and answered. then the wife was happy and asked, where the hell are u right now??( he did't know anything going on outside)

he said, I am busy working in my office!! then she went, what??? in the office?? the south tower just collapsed, no more offices there..!

then he went to the window of his hotel room and saw the tower was not there any more. he was having sex with one of his secretaries that time.

his wife now knows what was he doing and where he was , had told their friends afterwards " I wish he was in his office that time"

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