Psycho analysis
Posted by warjay on 12/13/2001:

A man was having problems with concentration and was neglecting his work. On the advice of his friends, he decided to visit a psychiatrist to find the cause for his problems.

The psychiatrist had a few minutes conversation with him, and produced a blank sheet of paper. He drew a single vertical line on it.

He asked the patient, "now tell me what this is"
That's a sexy girl, minus her cloths, standing at the door waiting." he replied.

Psychiatrist now drew a single horizontal line.
"What is this?" he asked.
"That's the sexy girl lying down on the bed" the patient replied.

Next, the psychiatrist drew a line bent a t 90 degrees.
"What's this"
Thats's the sexy girl bending down" came the reply.

"NOW I know what is the root of your problems" exclaimed the psychiatrist. "you suffer from a severe case of sexual hyperactivity"

"Now look hear, Mr. Doctor. tell me, who drew all this porno pictures? You or I?"

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